Like most people, you probably don’t want to think about needing long-term care. But the fact is that it’s a very real possibility for all of us, especially as we get older. Nolo Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It – Review explores the book and what it provides.

Nolo's Long Term Care - Review

Nolo’s comprehensive guide, available in both a physical book and ebook will help you understand what long-term care is, how to pay for it, and, more importantly, how to plan for it. Whether you’re already in your golden years or just starting to think about retirement, this book has something for everyone.

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Nolo Long-Term Care - Review

Why You Should Get Nolo’s Long-Term Care Book

It’s no secret that the cost of long-term care can quickly add up, leaving individuals and families struggling to cover the expenses. According to a study by Genworth Financial, the average price for a private room in a nursing home reached $82,125 in 2016.

This is one of the reasons why adults need to be aware of the options available to them when it comes to long-term care. By reading Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It by Nolo, you will better understand those options.

Nolo Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It, is written by attorneys and provides clear, step-by-step advice on planning for long-term care, including information on Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Nolo Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It is an essential resource for anyone preparing for the future.

What’s Covered In

Nolo’s Long-Term Care Book

Chapter 1 – Making Decisions About Long-Term Care
Getting Started
Make a Realistic Family Commitment
What Can You Afford?
Geriatric Care Managers
Other Legal and Financial Matters

Chapter 2 –  At-Home Care
What Is Home Care?
How to Find Home Care Services
Services Provided
Kinds of Providers
What to Look For
Getting Started
Costs of Home Care
Financing Home Care Through Reverse Mortgages
Cashing in a Life Insurance Policy
Chapter 3 – Organized Senior Residences
Independent Living
Assisted Living
Combination Residential Facilities

Chapter 4 – Nursing Facilities
Levels of Care
Choosing the Right Facility
Your Written Contract
Chapter 5 –  Care for Elders With Alzheimer’s Disease
The Symptoms and Stages of Alzheimer’s
Home Care for Alzheimer’s
Residential Care Facilities for Alzheimer’s
Chapter 6 – Hospice Care
Medicare Eligibility for Hospice Care
Services Provided by Hospice
How Hospice Operates
Payment for Hospice Care
Chapter 7 –  Medicare and Veterans’ Benefits
Medicare Coverage for Long-Term Care
Veterans’ Benefits for Long-Term Care

Chapter 8 – Medicaid Coverage for Long-Term Care
Eligibility for Medicaid
What Medicaid Pays For
Finding Out About Medicaid in Your State
If You Are Denied Medicaid Coverage
Medicaid Rules on Transfer of Assets
Strategies to Protect Your Assets
Long-Term Care State Partnership Insurance Protects Assets

Chapter 9 – Long-Term Care Insurance
Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right for You?
Finding Long-Term Care Policies
Warnings About Insurance Practices
Eligibility for LTCI
The Cost of Premiums
Kinds of Care the Policy Will Cover
Benefit Amounts and Length of Coverage
How Much Coverage You Need
Inflation Protection
Triggers That Start Your Benefits
Coverage Conditions and Exclusions
Chapter 10 – Protecting Choices About Medical Care and Finances
Health Care Decisions
Financial Decisions
Guardianships and Conservatorships

Chapter 11 – Elder Fraud
Why Elders Are Targets
Who Commits Elder Fraud
Types of Elder Fraud
Where to Get Help

Appendix: Resource Directory
Area and State Agencies on Aging
Alzheimer’s Disease Organizations
Caregiver Support Groups
Home Care, Community Programs, and Senior Residences
Hospice Organizations
Insurance—Long-Term Care
Legal Assistance
Medicaid Assistance
Nursing Facility and Alternative Residence Organizations
Ombudsman Offices
Reverse Mortgage and Home Equity Conversion Assistance
Life Insurance Settlement Assistance

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Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It by Nolo, will help guide those who are seeking information on available choices for Long-Term Care.

This guide lays out the options for home care, assisted living, and nursing homes. Also, it instructs you on how to get the most out of Medicaid, Medicare, or Veterans’ programs.

Nolo Long-Term Care: How To Plan & Pay For It will help arm you in planning ahead so you can make decisions based on what’s best suited in your situation, not just financially but also emotionally; understand which options best fit your needs; be it based on personal or medical care requirements alone and help you consider the unique needs of people with Dementia or Alzheimers.

Not only will you explore the above options but also how to protect your loved ones from elder fraud.

Lastly, the book provides help in deciding if long-term care insurance is worthwhile by considering what expenses and services are covered.

Overall the book is written in thorough yet very understandable language.

About the Author – Joseph Matthews, Attorney

Joseph Matthews has been an attorney since 1971, and from 1975 to 1977, he taught at the law school of the University of California, Berkeley. He has for many years been involved in matters relating to seniors.

About Nolo

Nolo has been a company that has provided do-it-yourself legal guides since 1971. In the 40 years since its founding, Nolo has evolved with technology, developing do-it-yourself software and building into one of the Internet’s leading legal websites.

Nolo Long Term Care – How to Plan & Pay For It

In Business Since 1971

  • Explore Home Care, Assisted Living & Nursing Homes
  • Explore Medicaid, Medicare and Veteran’s Progerams
  • Evaluate Long-Term Care Insurance

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Nolo's Long Term Care

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Long-term care is not an easy decision to make. After all, you’ll need to find the right kind of long-term facilities for yourself and your family through emotionally challenging times.

Luckily Nolo Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It will help guide those who are wanting information on available choices by providing important details about each long-term care option. Get help in understanding which one best fits your needs; be it based on personal or medical requirements alone.

This concludes Nolo Long-Term Care – How To Plan & Pay For It – Review. With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

What experience do you have with Long-Term Care? Please comment below.

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