Amazon Astro Review: Who Needs Pets When The Robot of The Future is Here

Remember when robots were the wave of the future? Well, the future is now, and you can have one in your home. Amazon Astro Review (Updated 2021) explores this new household robot for home monitoring from Amazon. Take a look at the features as well as the pros and cons. Could this robot be in your near future?

Amazon Astro (Review 2021)

Why You Should Get Amazon Astro

The Amazon Astro has some really good uses. From security to communicating with loved ones even tossing treats to your dog the ideas are near endless.

You can talk to your Astro through the app and have Astro check on noises or alert you when he spots someone that is unrecognized in your home.

If you have an elderly parent, grandchildren, or anyone you want to keep an eye on you are able to through Astro with the Alexa Together App (Coming Soon).

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Amazon Astro (Review 2021) Astro App
  • At Home use Alexa with Astro to:
    • Detect Certain Sounds like Glass Breaking, or Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarms
    • Play Music
    • Play Podcasts
    • Play Shows
    • Find You to Deliver Calls and Reminders, Alarms, and Timers
  • Stay Connected Remotely From Anywhere With The Astro App
    • See a Live View of Your Home
    • Activity Alerts
    • Check on Specific Rooms Sounds
    • Periscope For A Better Look
    • Unrecognized Person
  • Ring Protect Pro – 6 Months Free
    • Proactively
    • Schedule Patrols
    • Investigate Activity
    • Save Videos in Ring’s Cloud Storage For Pp to 60 days
Amazon Astro (Review 2021) - Alexa Together
  • Alexa Together Subscription (Coming Soon)
    • Remotely Care for Aging Loved Ones
    • Set Up Reminders
    • Manage Shopping Lists
    • Receive Activity Alerts
  • Intelligent Motion 
    • Maps Your Rooms
  • Magnify the Screen
  • Invert Screen Colors
  • Captioning and Closed Captioning
  • Sound Siren
  • Protect Your Privacy
    • Turn off Mics, Cameras, and Motion 
  • Out of Bounds Zones
  • Returns to Charging Station
  • Voice Activated
  • Compatible Products 
    • Detachable Cup Holder – Included
    • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – Not Included
    • Ziploc Container – Not Included
    • Furbo Dog Camera – Not Included
  • What Comes In The Box
    • Astro (device)
    • Cargo Bin Liner
    • Cup Holder
    • Charger and 6ft Power Cable
    • Quick Start Guiden
    • Welcome Kit

Warranty – 1 Year Limited


  • Home Security
  • Remote Access
  • Mapping


  • Hands-Free Voice Control Not Compatible with Mac OS X Devices
  • Ships Only to 50 U.S. States
  • Unable to Go Up or Down Stairs

A Few Words

The Amazon Astro is a household robot that acts as a security camera, personal assistant, and care person wrapped up in one device. The Day 1 Introduction includes a 6-month free trial subscription to Ring Protect Pro. Ring Protect Pro is a 24/7 monitoring service with access to police, fire, and medical response. This is normally $20 a month but comes included in the purchase of your Astro. You can cancel the subscription at any time. See more information on what the Ring Protect Pro Plan includes in the table below.

Alexa Together is a new app that is scheduled to be released before the end of the year. This app is perfect if you have an older person that you either care for or want to monitor remotely. The app will allow you to set up activity alerts, manage shopping lists or set up reminders for your loved one (which Astro can deliver). Also, emergency response can be requested by verbally telling Astro to call for help to reach the emergency response team. Right now, there is a free trial offer for the Alexa Together App. In the future, the price will be in the vicinity of $19.99 a month or $199.00 annually.

When your Astro isn’t keeping watch over your home while away, you can have Astro follow you to a different room. You can have podcasts or your favorite music playing. Is there someone in another room who is sick and needs some food or medication? Have Astro deliver those to them.

Privacy is a concern to everyone these days. Is there an area you don’t want Astro to enter – you can set it up so it won’t. There is also the ability to turn off cameras and mics with a touch of a button.

Right now Amazon is introducing the Amazon Astro by invitation only as it has been produced in limited numbers. However, you are able to request an invitation and by being accepted the Day 1 introduction price is $999.00 which is $500 less than when it becomes available to the masses. By being a Day 1 consumer you will have the opportunity to submit feedback that can help with future product ideas and development.

Included With AstroWith Ring Protect Pro Subscription
Access A Live View From The Astro App
Remotely Control Astro
Enable Two-Way Talk
Get Alerts When Astro Detects an Unrecognized Person
Access Ring Video History For Up to 60 Days
Schedule Autonomous Patrols
Configure Astro To Investigate Detected Events
Save Video From Investigations in Ring’s Cloud Storage
Get Smart Alerts for Smoke & CO Alarm Sounds
Get Smart Alerts for Glass Break Sounds
Auto Turn On/Off Smart Lights
Call the Emergency Helpline Hands-Free 1
Get Smart Alerts for Activity Sounds
Sound Dogs Barking On Astro When Motion Is Detected Outside
Sound Siren On Astro When Activity Is Detected Outside
1This feature is disabled on Astro and your other supported Echo devices when Astro is moving, such as when Astro is on patrol or investigating.

FAQ for Amazon Astro

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Amazon Astro:

How Long Does It Take for Amazon Astro to Charge?

  • A Full Charge Takes 45 Minutes.

What Is Required to Run Amazon Astro?

  • An active Account
  • A Compatible Mobile Device Running iOS 13+ or Android 8+
  • Astro App

What is the Height of the Periscope?

  • The Periscope Extends up to 42” From the Floor.


Preview Product Rating Price
Introducing Amazon Astro,... Introducing Amazon Astro,... No ratings yet $999.99

So that concludes this review of Amazon Astro (Review 2021). Whether you want added security for your home or the help of an assistant, the Amazon Astro is yours by special invitation.

With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

What experience do you have with in-home security? Please comment below.

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