What Is A Long-Term Care Facility?

A long-term care facility is an institution that provides assistance with activities of daily living for individuals who are no longer able to live independently. There are many reasons why a person might need this type of assistance, and it can be hard to know where to turn when you or a loved one needs the help. What Is A Long-Term Care Facility will discuss the different types of facilities available and how they differ.

Long-Term Care Community

What Is A Long-Term Care Facility - Nursing Home

The first type of facility is called a long-term care community, often referred to as nursing homes. A long-term care community is a residential location designed to provide housing and supportive services for people who can no longer live independently. This may be due to such things as old age, physical disabilities, or mental illness.

The staff members who work at these facilities can help with activities like cooking, cleaning, and even dressing for individuals in need. These communities also have a wide range of amenities to help residents feel comfortable, including on-site dining and activities.

Assisted Living Facility

What Is A Long-Term Care Facility - Assisted Living

The second type of long-term care facility is called an assisted living facility. Assisted Living Facilities are also referred to by many as Assisted Living Homes or Senior Apartments. They are relatively small residential communities that provide housing and supportive services for people aged 65 years or older. These seniors cannot fully take care of themselves but do not require the level of care provided in nursing homes. Assisted living includes a range of services. These may include three meals a day, being provided a clean and safe place to live. Having access to basic housekeeping, security, and laundry service, and promoting the resident’s independence.

Assisted Living tends to be more expensive than other options available, but it also offers some unique benefits as well. For example, the staff members at these facilities are trained to provide medical assistance to individuals who need it. This means that individuals in these facilities will have access to doctors and nurses on staff around the clock. This can be highly beneficial for people who cannot leave their rooms due to illness or injury.

Assisted living facilities are often not covered by health insurance, and residents generally pay out-of-pocket for their care. However, some assisted living residences and senior apartment communities do accept long-term care insurance to help with the cost of care. According to the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA), the average monthly rate of Assisted Living in 2019 was $3,500.

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Continuing Care Retirement Community

What Is A Long-Term Care Facility - Retirement Community

The third type of facility is called a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). This type of community living provides independent living, assisted living, and nursing home services on the same grounds. These facilities are unique in that they provide nursing care services to individuals who need them but also offer other amenities that can help boost the quality of life. For example, these homes may have facilities for physical therapy or even wellness centers that include fitness classes and more.

After you choose to live in ta CCRC, all costs are included, so there are no unexpected increases in your monthly fees. The cost of living at a CCRC is different for each person because the type of services they need changes over time. They are often costly, which is why many individuals who need nursing care do not choose this type of facility.

Who Is A Candidate for a Long-Term Care Facility?

Long-term care can be used as a temporary solution for those recovering from a stay in the hospital, a chronic illness, or another health-related event. These facilities can also be used as a permanent living arrangement for those who cannot perform certain daily tasks on their own.

Cost of a Long-Term Care Facility

The cost of long-term care varies depending on the specific services provided by each community and the location of the facility. In general, the larger the facility, the higher the cost. Long-term care communities also vary in their services which can either lower or increase the overall cost for residents.

Before committing to live in a long-term care facility, it’s best to shop around. Every provider has different pricing options, so comparing them before deciding on your housing situation makes sense.


Long-term care facilities have been around for a long time; however, the need for these communities has increased as our population ages. In this post, What Is A Long-Term Care Facility? we found that Long-Term Care Facilities are a type of senior living facility for individuals who need assistance from outside caregivers. These facilities offer different levels of care, with assisted living being the least intensive and long-term care communities having the most intense level of care provided. The cost varies depending on which type you choose to-the more extensive your needs, the higher the cost.

If you have experience with any Long-Term Care Facility or would like to share an opinion about them, please comment below!

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