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What Is An Upright Walker

Do You Wonder What An Upright Walker Is? Find out here. By Reading What Is An Upright Walker? – Comfort With Each Step explore how upright walkers differ from traditional walkers, their benefits, features to look for when considering a purchase, and the cost.

What Exactly Is An Upright Walker?

An Upright Walker, also known as a Stand Up Walker, is a walker that allows the person to stand and walk upright without hunching over. This type of walker has been specifically designed to enable people who have trouble walking on their own to enjoy increased mobility and confidence. 

How Does An Upright Walker Differ From a Conventional Walker?

Conventional aka standard rolling walker have handles placed low. This puts the user in a hunched position that promotes poor posture. It disportionately distributes body weight leading to shoulder, neck, lower back pain, joint degeneration and discomfort.

In contrast, an upright walker has armrests placed higher up on the walker. This places the user in a more secure upright position giving better posture, less pain as well as extra stability. It also helps elongate your back and helps support your upper body.

What Are The Benefits Of Upright Walkers?

Utilizing an upright walker has many benefits. As we age, it often becomes harder to get around. Disorders like arthritis cause joints to stiffen up and can make walking and standing more difficult and uncomfortable than in days gone by. An upright walker can help ease the pain and difficulty with walking, giving someone more confidence and stability.

Upright walkers are also useful for people who have balance issues. Standing and walking upright keeps the user’s body weight centered and more balanced.

Though a traditional walker may help mobility in some ways, it can also cause back and wrist discomfort because of their low height causing poor posture as you lean forward and become hunched over. An upright walker corrects this poor posture and makes it more comfortable to walk with proper upright posture and giving better balance.

Besides allowing the user to stand upright, upright walkers also decrease the risk of falling because the user looks look forward and not down at the ground like they do with other types of walkers. This also reduces slouching and encourages the user to stand tall, with increased confidence and comfort.

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What Are Some Features To Consider?

  • In looking to purchase a stand-up walker you want to be sure you are getting one that is sturdy; the more stability, the better.
  • Swivel wheels make for easier steering and maneuvering in tight spaces.
  • Having a comfortable seat comes in handy if you need to set down and having comfortable back support with a backrest makes it even more comfortable when in the seated position. Padded seats can be found covered with fabric or vinyl. The best choice is more of a personal preference.
  • Padded armrests keep your forearms at a natural level, which will relieve painful stress on the shoulders and back.
  • Lockable hand brakes are important to reduce the risk of the walker rolling especially on a slope.
  • Weight capacity is something else to consider. You want to be sure the walker gives enough stability to the user and is able to support their weight.
  • The handgrip arm should be height adjustable so you get the perfect fit while walking.
  • Consider what standard accessories the walker comes with. Accessories like a bag to carry personal items, storage bag, and cup or cane holder are excellent additions.
  • Some walkers are light weight and can fold up to make them easier to store and transport.

How Much Do Upright Walkers Cost?

The price of this type of walker usually increases with the number of accessories included. You can expect to pay anywhere from about $150.00 on up.

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Take Away

An upright walker that allows the user to walk in an upright position instead of hunched over reduces fall risks and is more friendly on the body. In my opinion, if you can fit it into your budget, you get so much more for your money with this type of walker. Not only is it more comfortable on the body, but the safety and risk factors are so much less in an upright.

I hope in reading What is An Upright Walker? you have a better understanding of what one is but also its benefits and what to look for when purchasing the best walker for your needs.

Do you have experience with using upright or traditional walkers? Please comment below.

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