What Is A Recumbent Exercise Bike And How Does It Work?

What Is A recumbent exercise bike and how does it work.

In What is A Recumbent Exercise Bike and How Does It Work? explores how recumbent bikes differ from upright exercise bikes, the benefits of riding one, whether you’ll get a good workout, and who they good for.

Many people are choosing exercise bikes to get the exercise they need. Some of the most popular reasons for exercising on a bike are its low impact, ease of use, and comfortability.

Exercise bikes are easy to use so anyone can get started with their daily exercise routine. This versatility makes exercise bikes attractive to people of all exercise levels, from beginners to professionals.

Keep reading for more information about exercise bikes in general as well as recumbent bikes specifically.

What Is A Recumbent Exercise Bike And How Does It Work?

Similarities of Recumbent and Upright Exercise Bikes

There are two types of indoor stationary exercise bikes: Upright Exercise Bikes and Recumbent Bikes. What are the similarities and differences?

Both types of bikes provide a great cardio workout and help strengthen muscles throughout your body while burning calories at the same time.

They both also offer adjustable resistance levels to increase the difficulty as you get stronger over time.

Both types of bikes have optional built-in fans and water bottle holders so that you can stay hydrated during long sessions on the machine!

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Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

So why would someone choose a recumbent bike? Let’s take a look!


A recumbent bike is designed to provide the most comfortable workout possible compared to other types of stationary bikes. The seat on a recumbent is usually more comfy than that of an upright because it puts your body in a reclined position instead of leaning forward.

What Is A Recumbent Bike

Easy on Muscles and Joints

Recumbent bikes are perfect for people with back problems, as they allow you to sit in an ergonomic position while pedaling. This means that your spine is properly aligned and there’s no pressure on your joints or muscles while still providing the benefits of cycling.

When you sit on a recumbent bike with your back supported, the muscles in your shoulders, neck and upper body are relaxed. This takes the strain off these areas of your body which are commonly tight and sore after riding upright bikes.

With recumbent bikes, the user leans back and pedals with their feet pointed ahead of them instead of down like on an upright bike. This is ideal for people with knee problems because it doesn’t put pressure on the knees when pedaling the way an upright bike does.

Easier On and Off

Recumbent bikes also tend to be easier to get on and off of than upright models, making them ideal if you have any mobility issues or injuries that prevent you from exercising in another position.

Because recumbent bikes have a lower center of gravity it makes them a good option for people experiencing mobility problems.

Does a Recumbent Bike Give You A Good Workout?

Recumbent bike workouts are low impact which reduces the strain on your knees, hips, and feet. The motion of pedaling will generate resistance, which helps build muscle and increases the rate the body burns calories.

Some recumbent bikes have handles that allow for an upper-body workout along with a lower-body workout that not only increases intensity but also works the upper body.

You can adjust recumbent bike workouts to suit your fitness level by changing the tension levels and resistance levels on the recumbent bike.

If you’re working hard, then your heart rate and breathing will be elevated which leads to more calories burned than if your heart rate and breathing were lower.

It’s nice to exercise with a recumbent bike because your heart rate and breathing will be elevated without feeling exhausted or worn out.

With all types of exercises whether you can get a good workout on a recumbent bike has a lot to do with the user. If you are going to set on the bike and read a book or watch tv or even talk on your phone you probably will be taking away from the intensity of the workout.

That’s not to say the distraction of a book is a bad thing just be aware if it interferes with the workout. For myself, if I read or listen to a podcast I tend to slow down. Whereas, I’m able to watch tv and still get an intense workout. You will need to find what works best for you.

Who Are Recumbent Exercise Bikes Good For?

There are many different types of stationary bikes, but recumbents have certain features that meet the needs of many people.

recumbent exercise bike

Recumbent bikes are an excellent choice for older adults, those who are recuperating and need to exercise lightly, and people with balance issues that affect upright cycling. Most recumbent bikes have handles on either side of the seat that you can grab onto if you’d like – this may provide security for an older adult or other individuals who have balance issues.

Recumbents also work well for people who suffer from back problems since recumbent bikes let your back and shoulders remain in a natural position.

They can also be used to help manage blood pressure levels and other conditions that would make riding an upright bike too strenuous.

If you have limited mobility, recumbents are some of the easiest stationary bikes to use since you don’t have to move or adjust them very much at all. You just sit down and pedal.

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What Features To Look For When Purchasing A Recumbent Exercise Bike

When purchasing a recumbent stationary bike, there are many factors to consider.


The first thing to consider is the budget. What amount can you spend without breaking the bank? Figure out your budget first, and then with that in mind, you will know how much you can comfortably spend. Price should be considered, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Low-cost bikes will usually have fewer features but can provide additional savings.


The next thing to consider is the features of the bike. There are many different types of recumbent exercise bikes on the market, so it’s important to figure out what type of bike is best for you before diving into your purchase. Some bikes have low-profile seats that allow more natural movements. Others are stationary bikes that are similar to outdoor road bikes. Some bikes come with built-in programs and media, and water bottle holders. What features are absolutes in your mind, and what ones can you do without.

Size and Weight Capacity

The size and weight capacity of the bike should be considered to ensure that it can support the user’s weight and height. The length of the stride arm will affect your workout, so make sure that it is a proper fit for you.

Types of Workouts/Programs

The types of workouts the bike provides should also be considered when looking for a recumbent exercise bike. Some bikes have a variety of pre-programmed workouts, while others allow you to create your workouts.


The brand of the bike may be important to you. You may not have heard of some brands, yet they may be a perfect match for you. However, you might prefer purchasing a bike manufactured by a well-known name. The quality of the cycle varies between brands, so it’s best to do some research before purchasing.


The number of available warranty options should also be taken into consideration. Warranties are a great way to protect your investment because they cover malfunctions, breakage, and other defects in the bike’s performance or design. Many bikes have lifetime warranties that cover the bike’s frame, while others cover parts for only a specific length of time.


Recumbent bikes work for just about anyone. If you’re looking to get fit, recumbents are great aerobic exercise machines that can help you burn some calories and shed some pounds.

They are also helpful if you have an injury that prevents you from using a standard bike or if you want something that’s more casual or easygoing.

Recumbent Bikes are super easy to use! You can adjust the resistance levels with ease and even read or watch TV while you exercise.

If you’re looking for a bike that will keep you comfortable as you work out, then a recumbent is definitely the way to go. In no time, you’ll be on your way to a fitter and healthier lifestyle!

Do you ride recumbent bikes? What’s your favorite part about recumbent bikes?

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