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Watch Series 6 With Health Metrics Review

Have you been contemplating the purchase of a smartwatch?   Are you interested in the added feature of health metrics that some smartwatches offer?  Are you having a hard time deciding which one or what options you want?  The Apple Watch Series 6 With Health Metrics – Review explores the features, the health metrics, and the pros and cons of the Series 6 by Apple.

With the information in the post, you will become a better-informed consumer in deciding if this apple watch is the right smartwatch for you.  

Before continuing with the features of the Apple Series 6, if you want to read more information on the health metrics available on smartwatches, another article I wrote is Smartwatches With Health Metrics – Buying Guide)That article explores health metrics available on smartwatches and what they are. It goes into the metrics a little more in-depth than found in this review. 

Apple clearly advises users that the Apple Watch Series 6 is intended for wellness and fitness purposes only and not to be used for medical decisions.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Health Metrics - Review


  • Comes In A Variety Of Colors And Band Types
  • Face Size – 40mm  And 44 Mm
  • Cellular Available
  • GPS

Health Metrics

  • Measure Blood Oxygen Levels
  • Check Your Heart Rhythm With The Ecg App
  • High And Low Heart Rate Notifications
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking


  • Emergency International Calling
  • Fall Detection
  • SOS
  • Hand Washing Timer


  • Track Your Daily Activity
  • See Your Activity Trends In The Fitness App On iPhone
  • Measure Workouts Like Running, Walking, Cycling, Yoga, Swimming, And Dance

Misc Features

  • Apple Pay
  • Sync Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks
  • Water-resistant – up to 50 meters

Tech Specs

  • Always-on Retina Display
  • Battery Life Up To 18 Hours
  • Charge Time  90 Minutes
  • Requires An iPhone 6s Or Later With Ios 14 Or Later
  • 5ghz Wi-fi And U1 Ultra Wideband Chip
  • Asin – B08j628r4c

Apple clearly advises users that the Apple Watch Series 6 is intended for wellness and fitness purposes only and not to be used for medical decisions.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Review


  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Heart Rhythm With Ecg App
  • Measures Your Blood Oxygen Level
  • Fall Detection


  • Compatible With iPhone Only Not Android
  • Not FDA Cleared
  • Sleep Tracking Limited Function
  • Price

Apple Watch Series 6 is a top-notch smartwatch.  It has the typical features found in other smartwatches such as phone, text, email, messaging, music, podcast streaming, and fitness tracking capability. But it also comes with some amazing health metrics and safety features. 

With the cellular option, you are able to stay connected without having your iPhone nearby.  Be sure to check with your iPhone provider for the extra charge of cellular connection.

Apple Watch 6 vs Previous Versions

If you have an older Apple watch, like the Series 5, you might not find too much difference in Series 6. It is slightly faster and does have an always-on retina display. 

The always-on display allows you to see the display even when you’re out in bright sunlight, You might want to upgrade, or you may not, depending on your preferences. 

But if you are new to Apple or want to upgrade from another brand, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the health metrics.

The face size comes in either 40mm or 44 mm.  There are various faces and bands available—choice of materials, including titanium, stainless steel, or recycled aluminum.

Health Metrics

The health metrics that come with the Apple Series 6 are some of the newest and innovative metrics available on a smartwatch.

Though many smartwatches and fitness trackers come with heart rate monitoring, the Apple series 6 comes heart monitoring but also with some health metrics that haven’t been seen before on a smartwatch.

Apple does state that all of the metrics are not meant for medical diagnosis.


With the Ecg App, you can check your heart rhythm. There are two types of heart rhythm it can detect. 

  1. One is atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat – again, not a medical diagnosis, but if the watch detects this, you want to talk to your doctor. 
  2. The other is sinus rhythm, a normal heartbeat pattern, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all is okay.

High and low heart rate notifications are also a part of the health metrics. 

A low heart rate can be attributed to many issues, including medications, and athletes tend to have a lower heart rate than the general population.

A high heart rate can also have many causes such as stress, anxiety, illness, and exercise.

Limits to what the ECG app can detect

The app cannot detect a stroke or blood clots, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, cholesterol, and other conditions. 

Also important is the app cannot detect a heart attack. If you are experiencing any signs of a heart attack such as tightness, pressure, or chest pain, call emergency services right away.  

Bloody Oxygen App

Apple Watch Series 6 - Oxygen Levels

Using the blood oxygen app, you can measure your oxygen levels at will. 

Blood oxygen levels can represent overall health.

Most people have oxygen levels between 95 and 100.  However, some individuals have naturally lower oxygen levels, and they are healthy. 

Some skin interference can make the blood oxygen Apple Watch Series 6 metric inaccurate, for instance, tattoos. 

Again, it’s worth noting that this is not for medical diagnosis, just a metric, and you do want to discuss any issues with your doctor.

Noise Monitoring

The noise monitoring app will notify you when noise reaches a level that is thought to be harmful to your health and hearing.

Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking capabilities are a little underwhelming on the Series 6 Apple Watch.  The watch can monitor basic sleep and awake and how much time between.  However, it doesn’t give any insight into rem sleep or light sleep. 

If you are looking for a powerful sleep tracker, this Apple Watch isn’t the one for you.


There are a couple of safety features that are a great added incentive for the Apple watch.  These are SOS and fall detection.

Try to imagine being out on trails going for a hike or run when suddenly, you become ill. It could be a disaster with no one with you, but the watch can call an emergency contact with the SOS feature. 

Please be aware that for the SOS feature to work, you need either the cellular option where you don’t need your iPhone nearby or carry your iPhone on you to have a Wi-Fi connection.

Fall Detection

Smart Watches With Health Metrics - Buying Guide - Fall

Another scenario might be you are out riding your bike or even walking when suddenly you fall. 

If you are wearing your  Apple Series 6, it has fall detection ability to connect you to emergency services. 

You can also call for emergency service by pressing the side button.

As with the SOS function for the fall detection to call emergency services, the watch will need to have the cellular option, or your iPhone needs to be nearby.


The hand-washing feature couldn’t be more timely. 

The watch can detect when hand-washing begins and starts a timer for 20 seconds using motion sensors and the microphone.  It can even detect that you haven’t washed your hands for the full 20 seconds and encourage you to continue for the full 20 seconds.


Apple Watch Series 6 -Health Metrics - Review - Apple Fitness+

Like other smartwatches, the Apple Series 6 measures workouts such as running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, and dance.

You can see your fitness trends in the Fitness app on your iPhone.

Apple Series 6 is water-resistant up to 50 meters- not waterproof, so you don’t want to use it to go scuba diving.

The activity rings on the watch display how much activity you are getting, and they can be shared with others to encourage, motivate, and even challenge each other on the fitness journey.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Review - Overall

Final Words

Though Apple watches are more expensive than their competitors, the Series 6 comes with many great features that aren’t available on other brands at the time of writing this review.  Remember, you do need an iPhone 6s Or Later With Ios 14 Or Later to pair it.  From fitness tracking, health metrics, family setup Apple Watch Series 6 offers so much. 

If you have an older Apple Watch and you want to upgrade, or you’re looking to buy your first Apple Watch, don’t automatically count out the Series 6. 

Additional Reading

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I hope in reading Apple Watch Series 6 With Health Metrics – Review, you have gained some insight into the features and pros and cons of the Series 6 smartwatch.  With this information, you will be a better-informed consumer and can decide if this is the right smartwatch for you.

Thank you for stopping by.  Do you have any experience with the Apple Smartwatch or another brand?  I would love to hear about it. Please comment below.


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