When undergoing chemotherapy, comfort and practicality are crucial components in managing the diverse challenges presented by cancer treatment. Men’s chemotherapy shirts are designed for this specific need, providing a blend of comfort, function, and style. These shirts are tailored with features that cater specifically to the requirements of cancer patients, ensuring ease of use during treatments. The shirts integrate discreet and convenient access to ports and PICC lines used during chemo sessions, without the need to fully undress or experience discomfort. In Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts we highlight five different chemo shirts available on the market and discuss their features and pros and cons.

Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts -For A Comfortable Experience

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Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - DeyeekDeyeek Long SleevePrice
Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - DeyeekDeyeek Unisex Short SleevePrice
Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - ComfyChemoComfyChemoPrice
Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - Easy PortEasy PortPrice
Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - MaiMaiPrice

Men’s Chemotherapy Shirt Reviews

Deyeek Long Sleeve 

Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - Deyeek

Opt for this chemo shirt for its comfortable fabric and easy port access, simplifying your cancer treatment process.


  • Colors: 6 available
  • Sizes: Small to 2XL
  • Buttons and Snaps
  • 65% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 5% Spandex


  • Soft fabric blend offers comfort during lengthy chemo sessions
  • Designed with easy access to PICC lines and chest ports
  • Machine washable for easy care

Areas For Improvement

  • Some users found the snaps difficult to handle
  • Limited fastener options may affect convenience for some
  • Higher cost than standard t-shirts

Stated Uses: Suitable for the following scenes: chemo treatments, cancer diagnosis, dialysis treatments, shoulder surgery, infusion, arm broken, breast surgery, mastectomy recovery.


When undergoing chemotherapy, maintaining comforts can make a significant difference. The Deyeek Chemo Shirt comes in six colors, is crafted with a soft blend of polyester, cotton, and spandex that prioritizes comfort. It allows cancer patients to effortlessly undergo treatment with its wide access to the chest area.

The shirt is a practical and supportive gift, featuring long sleeves that provide extra warmth in cold hospital environments. Designed with convenience in mind, it offers easy port access, which can be essential not only during chemotherapy but also in dialysis or other treatments that require frequent and safe port access.

Users have found this shirt notably useful, as it reduces the need for extensive undressing, preserving dignity during treatment. It facilitates proper site sterilization while maintaining full coverage.

Caring for the shirt is a straightforward affair; its machine-washable fabric allows for hassle-free cleanliness, conserving your energy for what matters most. Customer support from Deyeek is acknowledged for its helpfulness during the time of acceptance, should you encounter any defective items.

While the featured buttons and discreet snaps provide exclusive access points, some users have expressed a preference for dual zippers over snaps, citing ease of use. Despite the higher price point than traditional cotton fabric t-shirts, the specialized features of this chemo shirt validate the additional cost.

In summary, this custom shirt is an item you can count on to ease the burden during cancer treatments. Its design is thoughtful with an emphasis on patient care, championed by easy access features and comfortable, natural cotton-rich fabric.

Deyeek Unisex Short Sleeve

Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - Deyeek

If ease and dignity during treatment matter to you, this chemo shirt is the epitome of convenient access.


  • Colors: 9 available
  • Sizes: Small to 2XL
  • Duel Zippers
  • 65%polyester, 30%spandex, 5%Rayon


  • Dual zippers allow for wide access to the chest area
  • Fabric blend offers a soft, comfortable feel
  • Machine washable for easy care

Areas For Improvement

  • Some users found zippers challenging initially
  • Fit may be too generous for some
  • Material is on the thinner side according to reviews

Stated Uses

Shoulder Surgery Recovery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Heart Bypass Surgery, Spinal Surgery Recovery, Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery, Chemotherapy, Breast Surgery Recovery, Post Surgery Recovery, Physical Therapy, Doctor Visits, Sports Injuries, The Elderly, Handicapped, Anyone With Limited Mobility, Post Surgery Recovery Gifts, and more.


People going through cancer treatment value comfort and dignity. The Deyeek Chemo Comfort Shirt, designed for cancer patients, presents a blend of style and practicality. The use of comfortable fabric makes it suitable for prolonged wear, and having machine wash instructions means it requires little hassle to keep clean.

Ease of wear is paramount during these taxing times. The dual zippers provide wide and easy port access without compromising proper site sterilization, which is crucial during chemo sessions. It’s not just for treatment days; this elegant style ensures the shirt can be worn at any time, maintaining comfort.

With hassle-free returns and supportive customer service, your satisfaction is a priority. Whether it’s for daily hospital visits or peak periods of recovery, this chemo shirt stands out as a wise choice.


Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - ComfyChemo

Your search for a supportive gift to ease the cancer treatment process is met with this ComfyChemo shirt, featuring convenient access and a comfortable design.


  • Colors: Grey or Black
  • Sizes: Medium to 2XL
  • Duel Zippers
  • 50% Polyester, 50% Cotton


  • Hassle-free returns and supportive customer service
  • Dual zippers for easy port access while maintaining sterilization
  • Comfortable fabric blends cotton for everyday use

Areas for Improvement

  • May require ordering a size up due to fit
  • Limited style choices compared to standard t-shirts
  • Cost might be higher compared to regular shirts due to exclusive features


Chemotherapy shirts cater to the specific needs of cancer patients, with practicality at the forefront of their design. The ComfyChemo CHEMOWEAR shirt is built with dual zippers, ensuring wide access to your chest area for chemo sessions without compromising comfort or privacy for proper site sterilization. It’s a thoughtful offering for those looking for a practical gift that maintains the comforts of a classic crew neck shirt.

Cancer patients require garments that provide both comfort and functionality. This shirt is constructed with a comfortable fabric, 50%Cotton/ 50% Polyester, making it soft to the touch and akin to traditional cotton t-shirts. The blend used allows for easy care, essential for patients and caregivers during peak periods of treatment. Moreover, the machine-washable nature of the shirt makes upkeep simple and worry-free.

Customer support is a pillar of the ComfyChemo brand, providing you with the assurance of hassle-free returns and accommodating customer service should you encounter defective items or require a different size. The attention to detail in the design is evident with features like discreet zippers and a style that does not scream “medical wear.” As such, this chemo shirt is a wise choice for those prioritizing convenience and elegance during a challenging time.

East Port Tarry

Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - Easy Port

If comfort and practicality are what you’re seeking during chemotherapy treatments, the Men’s Easy Port Access Chemo Pullover by Port Fashions might just be the answer. 


  • Colors: Grey or Navy Blue
  • Sizes: Small to 2XL
  • Zippers on Both Shoulders and Mid-Chest 
  • 100% French Tarry


  • Ease of Access: The pullover features strategically placed zippers at the front and shoulder, significantly simplifying the process of port access for medical procedures.
  • Comfort: Users consistently praise the pullover for its comfort, making it an ideal garment for those who spend extended periods at medical facilities.
  • Quality Material: The medium-weight French Terry fabric is lauded for its durability and ability to withstand multiple washes without compromising the integrity of the zippers or material.
  • Thoughtful Design: The shirt maintains a stylish appearance, providing wearers with a feeling of normality and discretion during treatment. It’s versatile enough to be worn in various settings, not just medical ones.
  • Warmth: The pullover has been reported to keep patients warm in the often chilly environment of infusion rooms, contributing to overall comfort.

Areas For Improvement

  • Cost: It’s priced higher than a standard shirt due to its specialized design.
  • Fit: While the fit through the shoulders and sleeves has received positive feedback, fit can be subjective, and not every user may find it perfect.
  • Appearance: Although designed to blend in, some individuals might still prefer more traditional clothing options for their style.


Created with insight from a chemotherapy nurse, this pullover addresses the common discomforts patients face during treatment. The pullover features dual shoulder zippers and a mid-chest zipper allowing wide open chest access necessary for port access and sterilization.

This pullover is made with 100% French Terry fabric, a material known for its softness and breathability. French Terry is a knit fabric with a looped inside and a smooth outside, providing a plush feel while allowing air to circulate, helping to keep your skin cool and comfortable during wear.

Not only is the fabric type a breathable 100% French Tarry, ensuring lightweight comfort, but you’ll also appreciate the straightforward care of machine washing. Customer feedback highlights how this pullover eliminates the hassle of buttoned shirts during treatments, with a design that doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality. Patients have noted its warmth and convenience, mentioning that it’s stylish enough to wear without drawing attention to its specialized use.

While the zipper functionality stands out, the design isn’t perfect for everyone; some may find the zippers a bit cumbersome if not used to clothing with extra hardware. Nonetheless, balancing functionality with aesthetics, the Pullover’s zipper design exemplifies attention to the wearer’s needs, offering a seamless blend of fashion and utility.


Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts - Mai


  • Sizes: Small – 3XL
  • Colors: 5 Available
  • Snap Closures
    • Shoulders
    • Arms
    • Sides
  • Fabric: 50% cotton 50% Polyester


  • Ease of Use: A standout feature of these shirts is their snap-on design. According to customer feedback, you’ll find them extremely easy to put on and take off, which is essential when mobility is limited post-surgery.
  • Quality Fabric: Customers have noted the fabric’s good quality, implying that it’s durable and comfortable, key attributes for clothing that will see daily use in a recovery period.
  • Practicality for Medical Access: Allows quick access to the surgery site, making check-ups less of a hassle.
  • Versatility: The shirts have been recognized for their versatility by those needing IV access for treatments, as well as those with arthritis who can benefit from the easier dressing process.
  • Comfort: Users have reported that the shirts fit well, offering enough looseness to accommodate bandages and braces without compromising on comfort.

Areas for Improvement

  • Price Point: The cost may be a concern for some customers.
  • Snap Issues: There have been mentions of difficulties with the snaps, either from their positioning or the effort needed to snap them on and off, which is particularly problematic for some users.

Stated Uses: Ideal for post-surgery, wearing a sling for a cast, chemotherapy, dialysis accessories or sports injuries like rotator cuff surgery


The MAI Post Shoulder Surgery Shirt is designed to make this period as comfortable as possible. If you’re recovering from shoulder surgery, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful features of this long sleeve shirt. With easy-to-manage snaps running along the sides and a full arm opening, it offers convenience for both the wearer and caregivers.

Crafted from a soft cotton blend, this shirt is made to be machine-washable, which is essential for maintaining hygiene during recovery. The side snaps are not only practical for those with limited mobility, but they also ensure a gentle approach to dressing without disturbing the healing process.

The functionality is matched by a neutral design, making it suitable to wear outside of the home, perhaps for follow-up appointments or when resuming social activities. Even though the shirt is a medical garment, it doesn’t forgo a presentable appearance.

Overall, if you’re in need of a shirt designed for post-surgery or medical treatments that is both soft and accommodating for braces and bandages, the MAI shirt may meet your needs. While most users have had a positive experience, consider your dexterity and assistance available as you decide if this shirt will be beneficial for your recovery process.

Uses Stated: Ideal for post-surgery, wearing a sling for a cast, chemotherapy, open heart surgery, dialysis accessories, or sports injuries like rotator cuff surgery.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When choosing a chemo shirt for cancer patients, consider several important features for maximum comfort and convenience.

  • Fabric Quality: Opt for comfortable fabric such as natural cotton, which is gentle on the skin. Ensure the shirt is machine washable, offering easy care for both patients and caregivers.
  • Access Design: The chemo shirt should provide easy port access. Look for designs with discreet zippers, dual zippers, or horizontal zippers that allow wide access for treatment without compromising on an elegant style.

Practicality and Comfort

  • Fit and Style: A classic crew neck or custom shirt tailored for chemotherapy ensures adequate coverage. Long sleeves offer additional comfort and maintain comforts when dealing with cooler temperatures or sun sensitivity.
  • Ease of Use: Cancer treatment can be taxing, and clothing should not add to the stress. Shirts with easy access to PICC lines and chest areas allow for proper site sterilization and minimize disruptions during chemo sessions.

Customer Support and Policies

  • Hassle-Free Returns: Check with the vendor on their return process. During peak periods, responsive customer support and the time of acceptance for returning defective items can be crucial. It’s your right to expect hassle-free returns without additional cost.
  • Support Resources: A good vendor should provide resources or a chemo nurse contact for questions about the shirt. Customer support can also be a valuable guide for the proper use and care of the port shirt.

Making a Choice

  • Gift Options: If purchasing as a supportive gift, consider a port shirt offering exclusive access features, which can be seen as a practical gift. Always keep in mind the needs and preferences of the patient.
  • Consideration of Costs: Be aware that the cost of a custom shirt or one with an innovative design by designers like Oscar de la Renta may be higher. Weigh the benefits against the price, but remember that the patient’s comfort should be the priority.
Easy port accessMinimizes disruption during chemotherapy
Comfortable fabricProvides comfort, essential during treatment
Hassle-free returnsEnsures confidence in the purchase
Customer supportOffers guidance for usage and care


What should I look for when choosing a chemotherapy shirt?

When choosing a chemotherapy shirt, it is important to consider a couple of things. 
The shirt should foremost be comfortable and made of a soft, breathable fabric. The shirt should be easy to care for. You might find wrinkle-free material a nice convenience. 

How do I care for my chemotherapy shirt?

Your first go-to for care instructions should be the manufacturer. Not doing so can cause damage and shrinkage to your shirt. Having said that, most shirts will do well with machine washing on a gentle cycle, and you can hang them to dry. This should prevent shrinkage.
Today, you can find many shirts that are machine washable, and you can tumble dry low. But again, always go with the manufacturer’s instructions first. 

Should I wash my chemo shirts in between treatments?

Most manufacturers recommend washing chemo shirts between treatments to help avoid the build-up of bacteria and sweat. If you prefer to go without washing them, check with your healthcare professional before doing so.



So this concludes our review of some of the best chemo shirts on the market today. After going through the descriptions, you may have noticed that chemo shirts come with different features. Some are short sleeves, some long, some have zippers, and some have snaps. These are all something to consider when looking for your shirt. You want to feel confident and comfortable, so don’t settle for something you don’t like.

With all products, features can change, so be sure the features that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

We hope in your reading, Best Men’s Chemotherapy Shirts, you were able to come away with a clearer vision of the right shirt for you.

Do you have any tips for purchasing the right shirt for undergoing chemotherapy? Please comment below.

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