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Post Surgery Supplies - A woman Using A Walker With Nurse

In this blog post, Post Surgery Supplies – Essentials for a Smooth Recovery we’ll explore some of the needed medical supplies and equipment to have on hand for when you or your loved one comes home for their post surgery recovery. It’s a big transition, and many things can be confusing or worrisome about it. There really is no “right” way to prepare – it all depends on the person’s individual needs going through surgery. My goal in writing this is to give you enough information so that you can make a plan of what medical equipment you or your loved one might be needed.

Recovering from a surgical procedure can be a challenging and delicate time, where having the right medical equipment and supplies can significantly ease the transition back to daily living. When welcoming a family member or even ourselves home after surgery, it’s essential to have a thought-out plan for the recovery period. The types of equipment and support needed can vary greatly depending on the individual and the specific type of surgery they underwent. That’s why understanding what post-surgery supplies might be useful and how they can assist with daily activities is crucial.

Preparing for post-surgery recovery at home can often be overlooked in the haste to return to normalcy, but it is important to realize that the right medical equipment can make a substantial difference. Whether it involves mobility aids like shower chairs and walkers, comfort items such as heating pads and extra pillows, or assistive devices like sock aids and long-handled sponges, these supplies aim to help maintain safety, foster independence, and facilitate a simple recovery process. Making sure these items are on hand can make managing the aftermath of surgery less daunting and more comfortable for those undergoing recovery.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Essential medical supplies and equipment can aid in a safer and more comfortable post-surgery recovery at home.
  2. Planning for recovery by anticipating needs can prevent complications and ease daily activities during the recovery period.
  3. Specific aids like raised toilet seats, grab bars, and shower seats cater to maintaining independence and safety in the home after surgery.
Post-Surgery Supplies - Eek

Unprepared Post-Surgery? Potential Pitfalls and Solutions

Undergoing surgery isn’t just about the procedure itself; it’s about ensuring a smooth transition into your recovery period at home. Imagine not having the medical supplies that support tasks like dressing or maintaining personal hygiene. For instance, without a sock aid or a long-handled shoehorn, you might find yourself playing a frustrating game of sock-toss due to limited mobility.

Dropping the remote might seem trivial, but with restricted movement, this can mean enduring endless repetitive television without an easy quick fix. Not to mention, neglecting backyard daily activities might upset the neighbors if you can’t manage tasks like picking up after your dog.

The daily living struggles extend to potentially dangerous scenarios as well. Slippery surfaces without shower chairs or grab bars in place put us at risk of a fall, and managing medications without a proper dispenser might lead to overdosing, which I’ve nervously experienced firsthand.

On top of that, ensuring you have enough post-surgery supplies like medical tape for incision care and maintaining a proper meal plan with a pre-made meal kit service can go a long way toward a simple recovery process.

While we might not have a doctor on call, we can be the frontline of support for our own post-op patient – ourselves. With a little planning ahead, we can stave off these pitfalls and focus on healing, which should always be our recovery goals.

Useful Post-Op Items

When considering the needs of patients after surgery, we focus on essentials that aid in a smooth transition from hospital to home. Our selection of post-surgery supplies is tailored to enhance the simple recovery process for a wide range of medical conditions.

Comfort and Mobility

  • Pillows: Extra support for a side sleeper or abdominal issues.
  • Lift chairs: From the seated position to the highest position without strain.
  • Shower chairs & grab bars: Essential for limited mobility and to prevent loss of balance.

Self-Care and Hygiene

  • Long-handled sponge & hand-held reacher: To maintain personal hygiene with ease.
  • Bedside commode with a splash guard: Offers independence and comfort.
  • Raised toilet seat: Convenient for post-op patients with mobility challenges.

Medical Management

  • Medical tape & ice packs: For incision care and swelling.
  • Cold therapy products: To reduce pain without always reaching for counter pain medications.
  • Elastic shoe laces & slip-on shoes: Caters to patients during daily activities while offering support.

Safety and Assistance

  • Hand sanitizer and gloves: Keep the surgery site clean and reduce infection risk.
  • Assistive devices like sock aids: Aid in dressing without bending over.
  • Medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors: For those with high or low blood pressure.

Remember, these are general items; preferences may vary based on the type of surgery or specific recovery period needs. Always consult with a healthcare team or a physical therapist to align products with the patient’s recovery goals.

Useful Post Surgery Products

Post surgery supplies - bed pillow

Enhancing comfort for those in post-surgery recovery or with limited mobility, reading pillows provide essential support in a seated position. While a lift chair or hospital bed is ideal, a sturdy reading pillow is a practical alternative for achieving the highest position necessary to facilitate daily activities or simply relax. It’s especially helpful for side sleepers or post-op patients needing elevation to ease discomfort.


  • Supports abdominal issues
  • Elevates to reduce loss of balance
  • Assists in maintaining a smooth transition from lying down to sitting up

Useful For:

  • Medical equipment during recovery period
  • Supplementing post-surgery supplies
  • Enjoying everyday entertainment or meals in bed

By incorporating this single product into your recovery toolkit, the journey towards a simple recovery process is more comfortable and convenient.

Post surgery supplies - bed table

For those in post-surgery recovery, a bed/computer table can be a versatile piece of medical equipment.

  • Adjustable to the highest position for ease of use in a seated position
  • Flattens for dining or writing tasks
  • Angles perfectly for laptop use, assisting with everyday activities
post op supplies - commode

A bedside commode serves as a vital piece of medical equipment, especially after undergoing any type of surgery. Its design allows for use in place of a traditional toilet, offering a secure seated position for those with limited mobility or balance issues. By enabling independence, it supports a smooth transition during the recovery period, contributing to a simpler post-surgery recovery process.

post surgery supplies - chair lift

lift chair is vital for post-acute patients’ recovery, as it aids in transitioning from a seated to standing position safely, particularly after a surgical procedure. Using a standard chair might risk the reopening of surgical sites or a loss of balance.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents strain on the surgery site
  • Reduces risks of falls post-surgery

Patients recovering from a variety of medical conditions will find a lift chair enhances their healing process, supporting them from a seated to the highest position with ease.

post surgery supplies - heating pad

In our care arsenal, heating pads serve as essential medical supplies for easing discomfort after a surgical procedure. They can be used on various body parts such as the back or shoulders for therapeutic warmth during the recovery period. However, always verify with your healthcare provider if using heating pads aligns with your post-surgery recovery plan.

post surgery supplies - hospital bed

Adjusting to life post-surgery, especially after a major surgical procedure, requires adaptable medical equipment to support the recovery period. Equipping your home with a hospital bed can significantly ease everyday activities, such as moving from a seated position. These beds can effortlessly transition to the highest position needed for mobility or lower for rest, ensuring a smooth transition throughout your healing process.

  • Versatile: Perfect for long-term recovery or immediate post-hospital discharge.
  • Convenience: Ideal for single-story living when stairs are an obstacle post-surgery.
  • Support: Aids in maintaining a comfortable side sleeper position for a simple recovery process.
post surgery supplies - dog  Pooper scooper

When facing mobility challenges, such as after a surgical procedure, the task of cleaning up after pets can become daunting. We’ve found that a dog pooper scooper can be a crucial item for post-surgery recovery—it’s definitely easier than bending down with paper towels. This tool fits seamlessly into the array of medical supplies that assist with everyday activities during the recovery period, allowing you to maintain a seated position.

Key features:

  • Long handle: Ensures no bending over
  • Hygienic: Keeps hands clean
  • Versatile: Suitable for all dog sizes

Ideal for maintaining cleanliness and stability, especially for those with abdominal issues or during a simple recovery process. It’s a good idea to consider this single product alongside other assistive devices that aid in a smooth transition post-hospital discharge.

post surgery supplies - mobility scooter

Mobility scooters can significantly aid those with impaired mobility, especially following a surgical procedure. Their utility in daily living is unparalleled, enhancing a patient’s independence during a recovery period. By promoting mobility in a seated position, these scooters reduce the risk of falls and loss of balance.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Functional Features: Opt for scooters that can be easily maneuvered around everyday activities, and ensure it reaches the patient’s recovery goals.
  • Adaptability: A lift chair may be used in conjunction with the scooter for those moments when transitioning from a seated to the highest position is needed.
  • Recovery Support: Consult a healthcare team or a physical therapist for advice on the best scooter model relative to the type of surgery and specific post-acute recovery process.

By including an electric mobility scooter as a key part of post-surgery supplies, it can make a considerable difference in the comfort and mobility of post-acute patients.

post surgery supplies - gribber reacher

In the midst of recovery, grabbing items from high shelves or the floor can feel monumental. A hand-held reacher provides an extension of one’s arm, able to secure items just out of reach, without a precarious stretch or bend. Post-surgery rehabilitation may limit mobility; tools like these are vital in navigating daily living with independence.

post surgery supplies - knee scooter

For those recovering from knee procedures, a Knee Rover or scooter can become essential medical equipment for mobility. This single product can greatly simplify the post-surgery recovery, especially if balance or discomfort makes crutches a poor choice.

  • Usefulness: Valuable in both the home and the workplace, enhancing patient outcomes.
  • Durability: Designed to navigate smoothly, ensuring a smooth transition from one point to another.
  • Adaptability: Adjustable for different heights to ensure the highest position for comfort.
post surgery supplies - pill organizer

In the journey of post-surgery recovery, managing prescriptions is crucial. Remembering to take medication on time can be challenging, especially after a recent surgical procedure. That’s where a pill dispenser becomes indispensable. Designed to ease the recovery period, these dispensers often feature alarms, ensuring patients stay on track with their medication regimen.

Post Surgery Supplies - sock aid

In our recovery toolkit, a sock aid stands out for helping with everyday activities. Post-surgery, bending to reach your feet might not be possible. With this tool, slipping on socks from a seated position is feasible. We recommend it for a smoother post-operation phase.

  • Avoids strain: during the recovery period
  • Simple use: glide your foot in
  • Maintains independence: no need for assistance

For anyone following a surgical procedure, especially hip replacements, maintaining balance and comfort is critical. The sock aid helps achieve this without compromising the healing process.

post surgery supplies - shower chair
  • Ideal for post-surgery recovery to ensure safe seating in the shower.
  • Select a shower seat matching your space for a smooth transition during recovery.
  • Assists those with balance or mobility challenges post-operatively.
  • When considering medical equipment like shower chairs, ensure it fits your shower measurements.
  • Provides a stable seated position for those with limited mobility from various types of surgery.
post surgery supplies - toilet rails
  • Essential Aid: A toilet rail provides stability and support for individuals post-surgery, particularly when balance is compromised.
  • Independence: Enables safe, independent use of the toilet, crucial during the recovery period.
  • Versatile: Works well alongside other medical equipment like shower chairs and grab bars for a smooth transition to daily activities.
post surgery supplies - elevated toilet seat

  • Ease of Use: Elevates to the highest position needed.
  • Compatibility: Fits over top of the toilet; add splash guard for hygiene.
  • Safety Features: Optional handles; avoids loss of balance.

After certain medical procedures, especially those involving the hip or knee, incorporating a raised toilet seat can be the key to a simple recovery process. This medical equipment helps maintain a seated position without the strain of lowering onto a standard chair, supporting post-surgery recovery and everyday use by mobile patients.

post surgery supplies - wound care

After a surgical procedure, managing your incision is crucial. We typically need to apply a healing ointment and replace the gauze regularly. It’s essential for preventing infection and aiding the healing process during the recovery period. Always follow the medical advice of your healthcare professional for specific medical supplies and care tactics.

post surgery supplies - walker

Following a surgical procedure, incorporating reliable medical equipment into your post-surgery recovery plan may play a pivotal role. A sturdy walker, can be integral tool aiding mobility during the recovery period. Often covered by insurance post-hospital discharge, these assistive devices are essential for those experiencing a loss of balance or limited mobility.

Walkers are not just a single product; specific models are equipped with a seat and storage for outdoor use. While in the seated position, it’s a good idea to have medical supplies at arm’s reach. Moreover, a four-wheel walker ensures a smoother transition during everyday activities, promoting independence and a more simple recovery process.

post surgery supplies - wheel chair

For individuals recovering from surgery impacting mobility, wheelchairs provide crucial assistance.

  • Ensures daily activities continue with a seated position.
  • Essential medical equipment for post-surgery recovery.
  • Facilitates outdoor access, improving wellbeing.

Remember, using a wheelchair can support a simple recovery process and is often covered by insurance after hospital discharge.

Additional Preparations for Post-Surgery

Exploring Alternative Support After Surgery

Post-Surgery Supplies - Food Delivery Service. Male holding grocery bag full of food.

When recovering from any type of surgery, it’s crucial to consider the help you may need. Not everyone has access to a home health aide, and even if you do, there might be times they can’t be there.

For those times, consider the myriad of services to assist with everyday activities. For instance, a pre-made meal kit service can be a lifesaver, ensuring you don’t miss out on crucial nutrition during your recovery period. These services prepare and deliver meals right to your door—no cooking required.

  • Meal Prep Services: Convenient online ordering with scheduled delivery. You can order food through many online companies. There are meal prep services that you order from online, and they prepare your meals and deliver on a scheduled basis. This is so helpful, and I suggest doing that. Not only are you sure to have food that you need post-op, but you won’t have to cook for yourself.

If you’re looking for help with home maintenance, such as cleaning up after pets, local help might be just a call away. Perhaps a neighbor or a community member can provide this service for a reasonable fee.

  • Local Help: Teenagers or community members offering cleaning services.

In terms of medical supplies, some communities offer a medical closet where you can borrow essential items like shower chairs, grab bars, or a raised toilet seat—helpful for those with abdominal issues or a loss of balance.

  • Community Medical Closet: Borrow post-surgery supplies at no cost.

All in All

Surgery is not an easy event in life. One day you may be feeling great, and the next, you’re in the hospital feeling helpless. As you are released from the hospital and arrive home, you may feel overwhelmed. This is okay and completely normal. There are so many services and post op supplies that can help with the recovery process. And though you may have a caretaker, there will be times when they may not be there, and having even some products available will help you.

As you prepare for your surgery, my advice is to have as many supplies on hand as you can. It will make your life have less stress and frustration, and you will be able to be more relaxed and do the job you need to do – recover.

My hope for you is a restful, relaxing, and full recovery. As you progress through your recovery and when the day comes that you are on the other end and feeling well and back to your normal activities, pat yourself on the back – Congratulations! You did it!

I would love to hear your tips and experiences following surgery or post-surgery supplies you found useful. Please comment below.

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    1. Hi Grant,

      Thank you for reading the article. Yes, I agree getting supplies beforehand makes it so much easier. Even when you think you can get through it being caught by surprise is not fun. Best wishes.

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