The Mirror Workout System – Review – Interactive Workout

The MIRROR Workout

In The Mirror Workout System – Review – Interactive Workout you’ll explore this recent addition to home gym workouts, including its features as well as its pros and cons.

What is The Mirror Workout System?

There is a growing trend of people discovering the benefits of working out in front of fitness mirrors. Known as the “mirror workout,” this approach to fitness involves performing your routine in front of a full-length mirror.

Proponents of this method claim that it helps you focus on your form, making it easier to correct any mistakes. In addition, they believe that the workout mirror is less monotonous than traditional workout options.

Why You Should Get The Mirror

The Interactive Workout Mirror is the perfect way to get in shape and stay in shape. This home workout has many features that are ideal for any health and fitness enthusiast.

The Interactive Workout Mirror tracks your progress and provides you with a wide variety of exercises to help you reach your goals.

Less expensive than many gym memberships you can exercise in the comfort of your living adding this to your home gym fitness equipment.

The Mirror Workout System

Mirror Features

  • New Live Workout Classes Daily
  • Wall Mount or Carbon Steel Stand
  • Massive Workout Library
    • 10,000 on demand Classes Across 50 Fitness Categories
  • Option To Preload Classes From The Thousands Of Classes Found On In The On-Demand Workout Library
  • 4 Packages Available: See Table Below for Details
    • Basic, Essentials, Pro, Family
  • Performance Metrics
  • Workout Data On The Screen When You Pair Your Heart Monitor Or Smart Watch
  • Personalization
  • Universal Health Score
  • Workout Music
  • Mirror Membership Charges: $39/mth
    • Provided Unlimited Access To The Mirror and MIRROR App For Up To Six People
  • Accessories Available
  • Payments Available
  • 30-Day Risk-Free Trial
    • If You Are Not Satisfied With Your Mirror, You Can Return It For A Replacement Or Refund Within 30 Days Of Installation.
  • Returns Not Eligible For The Risk-Free Trial Will Be Charged A Return Shipping Fee of $250 And Up Depending On Location.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Extended Protection Plan Available
  • Free Delivery & Professional Installation
  • Currently Only Intended For Use Within The U.S. and Canada


  • Frame: Carbon Steel/Mineral Bronze Powder Coating
  • 22.4″(w) x 56″ (h) x 1.4″ (d)
  • Camera: 5 megapixel
  • Speaker: 4 x 15W High-Fidelity Speaker System
  • Woofers – 2
  • Processor: Quad-Core
  • 6 ft Right Angle UL Certified Cables
  • Microphone: Embedded Omnidirectional
  • LED Display

Workout Categories

Arms & AbsBalletBarreBootcamp
BoxingCardio & Strength Training
Dance Cardio
Family FunKettlebellKickboxing
Latin Dance
MeditationPilatesPre & PostNatal
Restorative Yoga
SculptStrength Training: Total body
Tai Chi
Weight Training
Yoga Flow



The Front Facing Camera System Allows Live Personalized Feedback And Motivation From The Instructors so that You Can Get The Most Out of Your Workout.

Howver, the camera is completely optional. If you don’t want the instructors or classmates to see you use the provided lens cap or deactivate the camera altogether in the settings tab.


With The Information Provided From Your Profile, The Mirror Will Recommend Appropriate Classes.

Also, If you Have Limitations, The Mirror Will Offer Modifications. and a weekly personalized workout program based on your goals, preferences, and limitations. For Instance, If You Have A Foot Injury, The Mirror Might Suggest A Modification For Exercises Involve Jumping.


With Pairing MIRROR Weights, A Compatible Heart Monitor, Or Compatible Watch, You’ll Be Able To Get Real-Time Feedback Letting You Know If You Are Exercising With The Right Intensity Level.


Compete Against Yourself And Other Members By Earning Points For Hitting And Maintaining Your Target Zones.

The AI Technology Uses Historical Performance Data To Provide You With A Tailored Competitive Experience To Motivate And Encourage You.


Use the Community Camera to see classmates during a workout or connect with friends in the MIRROR App to encourage, track their progress, celebrate milestones, and share favorite classes.


Mirror Offers Personal Training Sessions To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.

For An Additional $40 Usd Per Session, You Can Have One On One Training Session With An Expert Trainer Who Will Provide Feedback, Corrections, And Motivation. Using Mirror’s Two-Way Audio And Video Technology, You Will Be Able To Receive This Support In Real-Time.

Mirror Wi-Fi Requirements

For Live-streaming, the Mirror Requires Wi Fi Of and Ethernet Connection for At Least 10 Mbps. If You Don’t Have The Required Connections, You Can Still PreLoad On Demand Classes.

Streaming MIRROR Digital to Your TV

You Can Stream live classes From The MIRROR App To Your Television Using The Devices Below:

Casting Compatible Devices:

  • Apple TV (iOS Compatible Only, All Models EXCEPT First Generation)
  • Airport Express (iOS Compatible Only)
  • Android TV (Android Compatible Only)
  • Google TV (Android Compatible Only)
  • Chromecast
  • Select Samsung TVs 

Mirror Compatible Heart Rate Monitors

  • MIRROR Heart Rate Monitor 
  • Apple Watch 
  • Android Smartwatches That Run On Wear OS (For Android)
  • Polar (Bluetooth Connectivity Chest Strap Monitors Only; NOT Polar Watches)
  • Garmin Heart Monitor (Bluetooth Chest Strap Monitors Only; Not Garmin watches)
  • Peloton & Orange Theory HRMs

YouTube player


  • Personalization
  • Live Classes
  • 30-Day Risk Free


  • Not available outside the United States and Canada
  • Return Fees Outside of 30 Day Risk Trial
  • Membership Fee

Mirror Package Options

FeaturesThe MIRROR BasicMIRROR EssentialsMIRROR ProMIRROR Family
The MirrorImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark
The Mirror StandImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark
Mirror Lens CapImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark
Standard WarrantyImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark
Mirror Heart Rate MonitorImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
Mirror Fitness Band PackImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
Mirror Weights Image result for Blue Check Mark – 1 PairImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2 Pairs
Lululemon The Reversible Exercise Mat 5mmImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
Lululemon Loop It Up Mat StrapImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
Lululemon Lift & Lengthen Yoga BlockImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
Lululemon Double Foam Roller MiniImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark
Lululemon Workout TowelImage result for Blue Check MarkImage result for Blue Check Mark – 2
PriceClick Here For PriceClick Here For PriceClick Here For PriceClick Here For Price

Accessories For The Mirror Woukout – Sold Separately

  • Mirror Ankle Weights
  • Mirror Dumbbell Weights
  • LuLuLemon Workout Towel
  • LuLuLemon Reversible Workout Mat (Cardio and Yoga Mats)
  • LuLuLemon Mat Strap
  • LuLuLemon Yoga Blocks
  • LuLuLemon Double Roller Mini
  • Starter Pack – Resistance Bands and Heart Monitor
  • Mirror Heart Monitor
  • Mirror Fitness Bands
  • Mirror Care Kit – Cleaner, Cloth, and Camera Lens Cap
  • Workout Gear

FAQ for The Mirror

1. Is A Membership Required To Use The Mirror?

An active membership is required to access all MIRROR classes and Personal Training.

The MIRROR All-Access Membership comes with a one-year commitment which begins when your Mirror is delivered. After this period, you may cancel or switch to a month-to-month Membership.

If you choose not to renew your Membership, your Mirror home gym will revert to a full mirror for non-fitness use.

2. Are There Any Discounts Available When Purchasing The Mirror?

The MIRROR Team offers a total savings of $590 for those who are:

  • Military & First Responders: Active, reservist military members and their spouses, veterans, and active emergency first responders.
  • Health Care Workers: Doctors, nurses, and support workers who are providing care to our communities.

The offer includes the following:15% off the cost of The Mirror ($224 value); 3 months free subscription ($117 value); and Free delivery & installation ($250 value).

3. How Many Types of MIRROR Weights are there?

MIRROR offers two styles of weights that can be used for strength training: dumbbells and ankle weights.

The dumbbells are available in 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35-pound increments. The ankle weights are available in 1 and 2-pound increments.

The ankle weights are designed with a soft-touch premium finish, making them comfortable to wear during your workouts.

The dumbbells are ergonomically designed and come with a matte chrome finish and precision casting. Each dumbbell has a non-slip grip and rubber surround.

Both the dumbbells and ankle weights are fully-integrated smart weights. This means that they track reps and form.

4. How Much Does the Mirror Cost?

There are four Mirror packages, each with its own price:

The Mirror Basic starts at $1,495.

The second option is The Mirror Essentials ($1,695).

The third option comes with weights and the price is $1,795.

If you’re looking for family fun The Mirror Family runs $2045 and allows access for up to six family members in the same household.

The prices listed here are at the time of writing this post. So there aren’t any surprises be sure to check the price when purchasing.

5. Is Financing Available?

Fixed monthly payments are available. You can split your costs into 12, 24, or 48 monthly payments with as low as $0 down and 0% APR.

6. How Do You Clean The Mirror

Cleaning your fitness mirror couldn’t be easier. Clean with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth or shammy. That’s it.

A Final Few Words

The Mirror Workout System is the world’s first live, interactive fitness platform. The workout variety is phenomenal with 10,000 classes across 50 fitness categories, The Mirror Workout System offers something for everyone.

There are four different packages available, and members have the option to preload classes from the thousands of classes found on-demand, or you can choose to do a live class with a certified personal trainer.

The Mirror Workout System also provides performance metrics, workout data, and the ability to personalize your experience.

The community feature allows you to see and compete with your friends or others in the community.

Whether wall mounted or using the stand the dimensions of the Mirror, 22.4″(w) x 56″ (h) x 1.4″ (d), make it feasible to workout in a relatively small space.

An added benefit if you choose using the stand over the wall mounted option you can move it room to room, perhaps from your living room to office or bedroom. However it does weight 70 lbs so it might be a little heavy for some people to move.

Charges are $39/month, and members have unlimited access for up to six people in the same household. This is cheaper than many gym memberships.


Working out in front of a mirror is not a new concept, but adding interactive features to this setup can help to make your workout more fun and engaging whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or better your fitness level.

By mirroring your movements on the screen, you can see how you look as you work out and track your progress.

Additionally, you can get more out of your workout by using the interactive mirror to connect to fitness apps and other online resources.

This concludes this review of The Mirror Workout System – Review – Interactive Workout. With all products, including fitness equipment, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

What experience do you have with workout equipment? Please comment below.

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