Senior Exercise Videos – 5 Product Comparisons

Having an exercise routine is important for everyone.  Getting exercise as a senior can be harder to come by. For instance, maybe you have limited access to a nearby gym.  Perhaps you have a lack of transportation.  Maybe you feel more comfortable exercising at home or you’re looking to add to your at-home exercise equipment.  If one of these scenarios is something you can relate to, then-senior exercise videos or DVDs might be just what you are looking for.

There are a few aspects of working out you should target for a well-rounded routine – strength training, cardio, stretching for increased flexibility, and perhaps balance. When you are incorporating an exercise routine, try to get all these aspects included over the week.

Below I have researched and compared different videos/DVDs made especially for seniors.  I’ve only compared those that received at least a 4+ star customer rating.

Remember, before starting any exercise routine, consult with your doctor to get his/her clearance.

Balance & Strength Exercises for Seniors

Balance & Strength - Cover photo with woman balancing on one leg in front of lake with mountains in the background.
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ASIN: B01J2IY858

Available in video and DVD.

Run Time 198 minutes

Price – Click here


Traditional Exercises, and Modified Tai Chi, Yoga & Dance Based Movements.

  • Chair-seated practice to gently strengthen your entire body (17 min.)
  • Classic stationary balances performed holding onto a chair for support & seated core-strength work (31 min.)
  • Practical walking balances & dance-based stepping movements to improve your ability to react quickly and improve cardiovascular health, performed using a chair for support (16 min.)
  • More challenging walking & stepping balances, without a chair (18 min.)
  • Leg strength exercises (13 min.)
  • Upper-body seated strength & mobility exercises (12 min.)
  • Lower body stretches (13 min.)
  • Tai Chi easy full-body mobility practice (17 min.)
  • Tai Chi practices with eight forms, similar to traditional tai chi, but modified to make it easier to learn and to emphasize the balance improving aspects of tai chi (eight min.)
  • It also includes a separate short (3-7 minute) tutorial for learning each of the eight tai chi forms.

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair
  • Hand weights


  • Some people might find it a bit slow and boring – This is more if you have been exercising. However, many people like the slowness as they can complete the exercises presented.
  • Some complaints about the DVD not working correctly were found.


  • The exercises are low impact – easy on the knees and hips.
  • Well rounded workout.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Available in both video and DVD.

Senior Exercise Workout Video

Image of Curtis Adams, instructor, with products including DVDs and resistance bands.
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Available on 5 DVDs

Run Time – Not stated

Price – Click Here


  • 5 DVDs plus misc items
    • Simply seated exercise DVD – Seated total body workout! Great cardio, abs, core, strength training.
    • Vitality Exercise DVD –  Fun and easy to follow total body workout with boxing-inspired movements. (ALL exercises demonstrated both seated and standing).
    • Strength Training exercise DVD –  Effective exercises with targeted movements for muscle building, core training, and fat burning using resistance bands (ALL exercises demonstrated seated and standing).
    • Best of Balance DVD Season 1 – 10 short balance routines to increase balance and help to reduce falls.
    • 5-Minute of Wellness DVD Season 1 – Medical experts answer questions about health challenges.
    • Includes a resistance band.
    • Includes a food guide
    • Includes a balance card  – a quick reference guide to better balance.
    • Includes a customized calendar – Helps to keep you on track with daily workout instruction.

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair


  • I wasn’t able to find any negatives other than a resistance band broke, but it was replaced by customer service.
  • Pricier than other options, but a lot more is included.
  • Ten reviews as of writing this article are not a lot to go on.


  • Variety of workouts.
  • This comes with a resistance band, food guide, balance card, and calendar.
  • Shows modifications for different levels.
  • Upbeat.
  • A lot of product for the price.

Stronger Seniors® Stretch and Strength Chair Exercise Program

Product image of Stronger Seniors DVDs. Shows senior participants and instructor of workout.
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ASIN: B0012YN35M

Available on DVD – 2 discs

Run Time:  95 minutes

Price – Click Here


  • Stretching
  • Aerobics
  • Strength Training

Equipment Needed


  • Some reviews said the workout was too slow, but others said it was a great pace.
  • A few complaints about the DVD not working.


  • Low impact – easy on the knees and hips.
  • Good price point.
  • Gives modifications.
  • Great ratings.

Absolute Beginners – Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors

Product image of Absolute Beginners - Cardio & Strength Training Workout of Seniors. Shows instructor and 3 senior participants.
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Available on DVD

Run Time: 63 minutes

Price – Click Here 


  • 4 Segments
    • Warm-Up
    • Cardio – 22 minutes
    • Strength Training – 24 minutes
    • Stretching – 5 minutes

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair
  • Handweights


  • Music is repetitive.
  • Some more advanced exercisers might find it too easy.


  • Demonstration of modifications of exercises.
  • Participants are seniors, which some people might appreciate.
  • Good ratings.
  • It is reasonably priced.

Older & Wiser Workout for Seniors and Active Older Adults

Cover of Older & Wiser Workout. Includes image of instructor standing with 2 other participants.
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Available on DVD

Run Time – 65 minutes

Price – Click Here


  • Low impact aerobics – 23 minutes
  • Strength Training – 21 minutes
  • Cool down and stretch – 10 minutes

Equipment Needed:


  • Some people might find the movements complicated.
  • Some people may find the moves too fast.
  • The voice of the instructor can be distracting.


  • Three levels of modification.
  • The instructor is encouraging.
  • Good price.
  • Low impact.
  • Well rounded workout.

Still Can’t Decide?

Whether you are new to exercise or want to add to you at home exercise equipment there is a good variety of exercise videos and DVDs for seniors.  If you can’t decide which one you would want, my thought is this:  Choose the one you think you will enjoy.  My choice may be different than yours, and yours may be different from your friend’s choice, and that’s okay.

One of the best predictors of whether you will stay with an exercise program is if you enjoy it.  If you don’t like yoga, don’t do yoga; if you love aerobic, upbeat exercising, then choose one with music you love and that you can see yourself doing.

With so many senior exercise videos and DVDs available, I have no doubt you will be able to find something you like.

I would love to hear your comments about any exercise videos/DVDs you have enjoyed.  What about them made you like them.  Have you done any that you didn’t enjoy?  Comment below.


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  1. I love how that not only in this article but others that you mention the pros and cons to the product you are talking about! great article to read about and very interesting features. Well done 🙂

    • Hi Ruth,

      Thank you I’m happy you found this article useful. I’ve found, for myself, seeing the pros and cons of a product can make it easier to make a choice. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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