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5 Best Senior Exercise Videos/DVDs – Product Comparison

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos/DVDs – Buying Guide explores the features, pros and cons, and equipment needed for each. Getting exercise as a senior can be harder to come by yet having an exercise routine is vital for just about everyone. Engaging in physical activity is essential for maintaining health and wellness, especially for older adults. Exercise DVDs tailored for senior citizens offer a convenient and flexible solution to help them maintain an exercise routine within the comfort and privacy of their own home. These specialized workout routines cater to various fitness levels, from those with limited mobility who may benefit from seated position exercises to active seniors looking to enhance muscle strength and improve balance.

Quality exercise DVDs for seniors should provide a range of difficulty levels, enabling them to adapt their workout routines as their fitness goals evolve. Moreover, a good exercise program often includes bonus features such as a bonus 20-minute workout or instrumental music to enhance the experience. It’s also beneficial to look for DVDs that offer free shipping to ensure easy accessibility. With dedicated physical activity, older adults can enjoy the benefits of exercise from the safety and convenience of their homes. Moving into the specifics, let’s explore some of the best senior exercise DVDs that can help keep you in the best shape of your life, regardless of your starting point.

Always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.  

Table: At A Glance – Full Reviews Below

Product Reviews

Balance & Strength

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos and DVDs - Balance and Strength

If you’re looking to improve your balance and strength right in the comfort of your own home, this DVD is a fitting choice.

Bundle Includes

  • Traditional Exercises, and Modified Tai Chi, Yoga & Dance Based Movements
    • Chair-seated Practice To Gently Strengthen Your Entire Body (17 Min.)
    • Classic Stationary Balances Performed Holding Onto A Chair For Support & Seated Core-strength Work (31 Min.)
    • Practical Walking Balances & Dance-based Stepping Movements To Improve Your Ability To React Quickly And Improve Cardiovascular Health, Performed Using A Chair For Support (16 Min.)
    • More Challenging Walking & Stepping Balances, Without A Chair (18 Min.)
    • Leg Strength Exercises (13 Min.)
    • Upper-body Seated Strength & Mobility Exercises (12 Min.)
    • Lower Body Stretches (13 Min.)
    • Tai Chi Easy Full-body Mobility Practice (17 Min.)
    • Tai Chi Practices With Eight Forms, Similar To Traditional Tai Chi, But Modified To Make It Easier To Learn And To Emphasize The Balance Improving Aspects Of Tai Chi (Eight Min.)
    • It Also Includes A Separate Short (3-7 Minutes) Tutorial For Learning Each Of The Eight Tai Chi Forms

Equipment Needed:

  • Chair If Needed


  • Offers a variety of exercises for different fitness levels
  • Clear instructions suitable for older adults with or without limited mobility
  • Can be enjoyed in beautiful, serene settings virtually

Areas For Improvement

  • May need a chair not included for balance during certain exercises
  • Some exercises might be too low-impact for those seeking a high-intensity workout
  • The flow of instruction mismatches the movements occasionally, which can be distracting

As you step into your workout routine, the warm, guiding presence of instructor Jane Adams puts you at ease. With routines varying from 8 to 31 minutes, this workout DVD offers exercises you can tailor to your schedule, even when it’s busy. The balance workouts challenge your stability in different ways, key to maintaining good health and preventing falls.

You’ll find the chair exercises are an excellent choice for strength training if you’re worried about maintaining good posture or if you have mobility issues. Additionally, the tai chi and dance-based movements are not only a great way to mix up your everyday physical activity; they’re also fun and engaging, making sticking to your fitness goals a more enjoyable experience.

Physical therapist endorsed techniques encourage safe movement, while the low-impact nature of this easy exercise program respects your body’s needs. Whether you’re working on recovery from an injury or focused on weight loss, this DVD understands older adults and adjusts for various skill levels. The soothing instrumental music and the picturesque Glacier National Park backdrop make for a refreshing change from the usual high-energy, pulsating tracks found in many fitness DVDs.

In summary, this product presents a perfect combination of low-impact exercises, strength exercises, and balance challenges that are senior-friendly and a good workout for a wide range of skill levels. It has been designed thoughtfully with a senior’s particular needs in mind, making it an ideal addition to your daily life.

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos/DVDs – Product Comparison  - Exercise For Seniors DVD Program

This exercise DVD set provides an easy exercise program for seniors aiming to improve their strength, balance, and energy levels right from their own homes.

Bundle Includes

  • 3 DVDs Plus Resistance Band
    • Simply Seated Exercise DVD – Seated Total Body Workout! Great Cardio Workout, Abs, Core, Strength Training
    • Vitality Exercise DVD – Fun And Easy To Follow Total Body Workout With Boxing-inspired Movements. (All Exercises Demonstrated Both Seated And Standing)
    • Strength Training Exercise DVD – Effective Exercises With Targeted Movements For Muscle Building, Core Training, And Fat Burning Using Resistance Bands (All Exercises Demonstrated Seated And Standing)
  • Includes Resistance Band

Equipment Needed

  • Chair If Needed
    • All Exercises Are Shown Standing and With the Option of Using a Chair


  • Offers both chair and standing exercise options, catering to various fitness levels
  • Includes a resistance band, enhancing the benefits of strength training
  • Covers a range of workouts, from lower body to upper body, ensuring a total body workout

Areas For Improvement

  • May be challenging for those with limited mobility or health conditions
  • Resistance band quality may not suit all users
  • At times, the pace might be too brisk for absolute beginners


Finding the perfect workout for senior citizens that’s both effective and enjoyable can be tough, especially when you’re looking for something that fits into your daily routine without being too taxing. That’s where “Exercise For Seniors DVD Program” can play a pivotal role in your fitness journey.

The DVDs have been crafted with older adults in mind, providing different levels of exercises to accommodate a variety of skill levels. Whether you’re new to physical activity or looking to enhance your current fitness regimen, the engaging style and clear instructions help you move at your own pace.

The inclusion of a resistance band is a smart touch. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to incorporate strength training into their regime. From personal experience, using the resistance band helps improve muscle strength and is a good way to spice up your workout and keep your blood flow and heart health on track.

For those with a sedentary lifestyle looking to dip their toes into physical activity, the “Exercise For Seniors DVD Program” offers a great way to kickstart your fitness goals. The clear directions from a knowledgeable instructor encourage movement without any jumping or jarring motions, ensuring a low-impact workout that is kind to your joints.

Moreover, if you’re concerned about your balance, you’ll appreciate the balance workouts included, which support stability and could potentially promote good posture. And for times when you cannot stand, the seated position options ensure that limited mobility doesn’t stand in the way of a good workout.

Overall, the “Exercise For Seniors DVD Program” is more than just an exercise routine; they’re a gateway to better health and a more vibrant daily life. With free shipping, it’s convenient to have this tailored physical activity program delivered, allowing you to pursue greater strength and vitality within the comfort of your own home.

Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos and DVDs - Walk On: Walk Off

If you’re eager to kick-start your exercise routine from the comfort of your own home, this DVD could be a valuable addition to your collection.

Workout Includes:

  • Warm Up [5 Minutes]
  • 2-Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk [30 Minutes]
  • 3- Mile Flat Abs Power Walk [45 Minutes]
  • Belly Blasting Strength Training Circuit [20 Minutes]
  • Cool Down [5 Minutes]

Equipment Needed: Optional

  • Chair
  • Handweights / Dumbbells 


  • Offers a variety of workouts for different fitness levels
  • No elaborate equipment needed

Areas For Improvement

  • May not suit those looking for high-intensity workouts
  • Equipment is optional, but some may prefer using it for strength training
  • Limited to walking and strength workouts without other types of exercises


Integrating regular physical activity into daily life is pivotal for maintaining good health, especially for older adults. ‘Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat 5 Days a Week’ is an easy exercise program that brings the expertise of a seasoned personal trainer into your living room. With Jessica Smith guiding you through each step, you get a practical workout DVD that pitches itself perfectly to different levels of physicality and fitness goals.

One thing is clear from the start, this program understands the particular needs of senior citizens. Whether you’re looking to improve heart health, engage in effective strength training, or enjoy the benefits of exercise with limited mobility, this DVD offers a pleasant experience for varying skill levels. For those returning to exercise after a period of inactivity or for baby boomers committed to turning back the aging clock, this DVD offers a great way to achieve greater strength and good posture.

The beauty of this DVD lies in its design. You can tackle weight loss and core fitness in your living room without any complex setup or equipment. Just a sturdy chair for balance workouts and optional hand weights for the strength exercises. With instructions tailored even to those with limited mobility, it encourages consistent, low-impact aerobic exercise. This can be especially helpful if any joint concerns or mobility issues would typically deter you from joining a gym.

Jessica Smith delivers a perfect combination of challenging but achievable routines. Engaging in a total body workout that respects your body’s limits and needs is what makes ‘Walk On’ an excellent choice for an easy exercise program.

Absolute Beginners – Cardio & Strength Training

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos/DVDs – Product Comparison     - Absolute Beginners – Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors

YouTube player

With its tailored approach to fitness, this DVD stands out as an excellent choice for seniors eager to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Workout Includes

  • 4 Segments
    • Warm-Up
    • Cardio Workout – 22 minutes
    • Strength Training – 24 minutes
    • Stretching – 5 minutes

Equipment Needed

  • Chair
  • Hand weights: Optional


  • Tailored for older adults with varied fitness levels
  • Exercise modifier included for different skill levels
  • Segments cover the whole body, promoting balance and heart health

Areas For Improvement

  • May require an additional resistance band for variety
  • The pace might be slow for more active seniors
  • Music Is Repetitive


Navigating the realm of fitness as a senior citizen, you might find that the Absolute Beginners – Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors fits into your daily life quite seamlessly. Led by Angie Miller, this workout DVD becomes almost like having a personal trainer in your own home. Lower body movements are gentle enough for those with limited mobility, yet the presence of hand weights introduces an avenue for greater strength and muscle endurance.

Cardiovascular health is paramount at any age, and Angie’s well-designed routine aims to increase blood flow without pushing you beyond comfort. For someone just jumping back into physical activity or starting anew, this easy exercise program is naturally paced, allowing you to stay aligned with your fitness goals without feeling overwhelmed. Moreover, the balance workouts are terrific for maintaining a good posture, crucial for enjoying daily activities free of discomfort.

After completing the segments, from warming up to stretching, you’ll likely notice a satisfying uptick in your energy level even after a short time. Plus, the freedom to exercise in the privacy and convenience of your own home adds to its appeal.

Chair Exercise For Seniors

5 Best Senior Exercise Videos and DVDs - Chair Exercise for Seniors

If you’re seeking a customizable and low-impact workout from the comfort of your own home, this exercise DVD set is well-suited to meet your fitness goals.

Product Includes

  • 4 DVDs
  • Resistance Band
  • 30 Seated Exercise Segments

Equipment Needed

  • Chair
  • Hand weights /Dumbbells: Optional


  • Offers a broad range of workout intensities catering to different fitness levels
  • Comes with a resistance band, enhancing strength exercise options
  • Features 30 diverse exercise segments for a varied routine each day

Areas For Improvement

  • Limited to seated exercises, which may not appeal to those seeking high-intensity workouts
  • Some users may find the exercises too basic as their fitness improves


Crafting a fitness routine that respects your pace and adapts to your growing strength can be challenging. The ‘Easy Exercises for Seniors’ DVD collection from Vitality 4 Life with Curtis Adams is an excellent choice for senior citizens looking to maintain good health and improve balance and muscle strength. Whether you’re new to physical activity or have a consistent exercise regimen, the various segments accommodate all skill levels.

This chair exercise program brings the expertise of a personal trainer into your living room. Curtis Adams’ enthusiastic approach to guiding older adults through workout routines radiates in every session. His pleasant personality is a breath of fresh air that makes you look forward to maintaining fitness goals. From strength training for your upper body to exercises that enhance blood flow for heart health, this comprehensive set ensures no muscle is left unchallenged in a seated position.

With this DVD set, having limited mobility does not mean compromising your exercise routine. The included resistance band is a gateway to greater strength while performing low-impact exercises. Transition between different levels of workouts seamlessly, growing your endurance for daily activities. Noteworthy is the freedom this program provides – mix and match 30-minute workouts to fit into your busy schedule.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Identify your fitness goals and physical activity needs. Senior exercise videos that cater to different levels of fitness levels can help whether you aim for weight loss, good health, or merely to improve your daily life.

Evaluating Features

  • Exercise Type: The best exercise videos for seniors offer a diverse range of workouts designed to improve strength, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular health. Look for a mix of strength training, balance workouts, low-impact exercises, and chair exercises. Resistance band workouts and free shipping might be enticing offers.
  • Accessibility: Can you perform exercises in a seated position or with limited mobility? Ensure the video offers an easy exercise program suitable for older adults.
  • Instructional Quality: An exercise science expert, a pleasant personality, backed by a national institute, signifies credibility.
  • Workout Duration: Whether you prefer short 10-minute workouts or more extended 30-minute sessions, it should fit your busy schedule.
  • Safety: Prioritize videos that emphasize good posture, core fitness, and provide guidance from personal trainers or physical therapists.

Considering Format and Delivery

  • DVD vs. Online Streaming: Determine if a workout DVD or a streaming service works better in the privacy of your own home.
  • Audio/Visual Quality: Good instrumental music with a perfect tempo and clear video instructions enhance the workout experience.

Additional Resources and Support

  • Supplemental Materials: Some programs include exercise bands, audio CDs, or bonus 20-minute workouts.
  • Customer Service: Assess reviews and look for responsive support in case you encounter issues with your purchase.

By investigating these aspects, you can find the perfect workout program that aligns with your particular needs and helps turn back the aging clock, leading to a more robust and fulfilling enjoyment of your senior years.

Still Can’t Decide?

Whether you are new to exercise or want to add to your at-home exercise equipment, there is a good variety of exercise videos and DVDs for seniors. If you can’t decide which one you would want, my thought is this: Choose the one you think you will enjoy. My choice may be different than yours, and yours may be different from your friend’s selection, and that’s okay.

Additional Reading


One of the best predictors of whether you will stay with an exercise program is if you enjoy it. If you don’t like yoga, don’t do yoga; if you love aerobic, upbeat exercising, then choose one with music you love and that you can see yourself doing.

With so many senior exercise videos and DVDs available, I have no doubt you will find something you like, and I hope that 5 Best Senior Exercise Videos and DVDs – Buying Guide helps you in that process. With all products, features can change, so be sure the qualities that attract you to the product are still the same before purchasing. 

I would love to hear your comments about any exercise videos/DVDs you have enjoyed. What about them made you like them? Have you done any that you didn’t enjoy? Please comment below.

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