8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids – Buying Guide

8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids – Buying Guide explores nine different subscription boxes for toddlers up to the teens.

If you’re like I am, year after year, I’m at a loss of what to buy the kids and grandkids for birthdays and holidays. I recently ordered my first box subscription for myself and thought gift boxes would be great for kids.

I think one of the fun parts is the anticipation of the next box coming in the mail. When I was young, you know, before bills took over life, I used to love getting mail.

Subscription boxes can be a good alternative when the weather is terrible, and the kids can’t go outside to play or ride their bikes. If you live near them, you can make this a grandparent/grandchild activity.

When you’re contemplating whether you should buy a kids subscription box you might be surprised by the number of options available – from science to kids crafts to books and so on. 

Monthly Subscription Box Tips

When looking for a gift box, keep the person you’re buying for likes and dislikes in mind. Make sure it’s something they would like and not necessarily something you would like – I think I might be guilty of this, lol.

Also, keep the child’s age in mind – you don’t want to get something that would be too young or too old for the child in mind.

If you have multiple children in a family to buy for, you might have them share depending on their age gap.

Do be aware that subscription box prices are usually per box, not for the full subscription.

Box subscriptions run from monthly up to a year. You can cancel most subscriptions at any time.

Below are some of the More Popular Subscription Boxes – Sorted by Age.

Little Passports Early Explorers

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Little Passports Early Explorers

Recommended For Ages 3 – 5

Little Passports Early Explorers Will Take The Little Ones On An Excursion Each Month. Early Explorers Is Packed With Fun And Educational Themes, Including Landmarks, Music, Animals, Food, Art, Oceans, Natural Wonders, World Coins, Space, World Discoveries, Dinosaurs, Science, Celebrations, Habitats, Transportation, Insects, Sports, And More!

In The First Package You’ll Receive:

  • A Fun Orange Suitcase
  • A Wall-sized World Map
  • Souvenirs
  • Activity Booklets
  • Stickers And Tags To Decorate Your Suitcase
  • Letters And Photos From Your New Pen Pals Max And Mia And Their Dog Toby! 

There Is Also A Premium Product That Comes With A Book, Which Has A Higher Price.

Subscription Can Be Canceled At Any Time.

My 3-year-old son absolutely loved Little Passports; he was eager to open his package each month. He learned so much from his monthly packages, from knowing all the continents to all the famous landmarks around the world, and even food from different countries. Little Passports helped him make real-world connections, which, as a teacher, I know, are so important for future learning! Although we finished the kit, he still likes to revisit what he has learned about.

Happy Customer

Highlights Puzzle Club- Kids Puzzle Books

 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Highlights Puzzle Club

Recommended For Kids Ages 4-7

Also, An Option For Ages 7+

Do You Remember Highlight Magazines? I Used To Love Them. Now There Is A Kids Subscription Box That Contains Two Magazines A Month. This Seems More Like A Subscription That Comes In A Large Envelope, Not A Box.

  • Two Age-appropriate Books Provide Brain-building Activities For Both Kids And Adults.
  • Three Sticker Puzzles In Each Book Strengthen Hand-eye Coordination And Fine Motor Skills.
  • A Wide Array Of Puzzle Types Exercise Many Of The Skills Kids Use In School.

Subscription Can Be Canceled At Any Time.

Wonderful for 4-year-old great-granddaughter. She loves the stickers that get put in the “find” picture. Entertains her for quite a while and a good learning tool also.

– Customer Review

iBbeautiful Subscription Box for Tween Girls

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - IBbeautiful

Recommended For Kids Ages 6-12

Also Available Is Another Age Option Of 12-15

This Is A Fun Subscription Box That Comes With 4-6 Items A Month.

  • Items Can Include Jewelry, Accessories, Fun School Supplies, Nail And Hair Care, Yummy Lotions + Soaps, Etc.
  • Boxes Are Curated Around A Monthly Message Of Confidence-building, Helping Young Girls Realize They Are Beautiful Just As They Are!

I’ve already given this box a 5-star review, but I just heard from my daughter at camp that she and her friends are still having a great time with this gift. It’s a total winner!

– Happy Customer

Bitsbox – Coding Subscription

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Bitsbox
YouTube player

Recommended For Ages  6 – 12

Monthly Box Subscription

This Subscription For Coding Sounds Like It Would Be So Much Fun.- I’m Thinking Of Getting It For Myself, Lol. 

The Subscription Starts With Level 1, With No Coding Experience Necessary.  There Is Even An Adult Guide To Help The Grown-ups, And Email Support Is Available.

The Progression Is Coding From Examples To Inventing The Child’s Own App.

The Coding Projects Teach Kids How To Make Various Projects Ranging From Greeting Cards To Video Games.  The Apps Will Also Work On Phones And Tablets.

It Comes With An Apper Keeper To Help Keep Materials Organized.  The Binder Will Hold Six Months’ Worth Of Projects. 

Also, Included Are Stickers And A Sticker Chart To Mark Progress.

What You Need 

  • A Keyboard
  • A Computer (Laptop Or Desktop) Running Chrome, Safari, Or Any Modern Web Browser

You Can Cancel, But If You Want To, Be Sure To Do So Before Any Pending Shipments. 

What Do The Boxes Cover:

Box 1: Coordinates & Basic Commands

  • Introduces 2d Coordinates
  • Stamp, Fill, And Text Commands
  • Welcome Card
  • Apper Keeper Binder
  • 12 Animal-themed App Projects
  • Stickers
  • Grown-up Guide

Box 2 – Variables & Simple Methods

  • Teaches Variables
  • Move, Rotate, And Size Commands
  • Dividers For Apper Keeper Binder
  • 13 Robot-themed App Projects
  • Progress Stickers
  • Grown-up Guide

Box 3 – Conditionals & Interactions

  • Highlights Conditional Statements
  • Tap And Drag Functions
  • 11 Fantasy-themed App Projects
  • Progress Stickers,
  • Grown-up Guide

Box 4 – Functions & Timing Commands

  • Demonstrates The Concept Of Custom Functions
  • Repeat, Delay, And Tap Commands
  • 9 Flight-themed App Projects
  • Progress Stickers
  • Grown-up Guide

Purchased the first subscription box for my 9 year old son. So far, it seems I finally found something he can get passionate about! He was able to navigate and create an account on his own and has the desire to hop on every day to work on his next project. Will definitely continue the subscription so far.

– Happy Customer

Groovy Lab in a Box – by Academics In a Box

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Groovy Lab in a Box

Recommended For Age Group 8+

The Boxes Are Full Of Everything You Need To Learn About And Do Hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (Stem) Experiments.

Everything Required Of An Activity Is Included In The Box. 

Included In The Box Is A Lab Notebook, Where The Recipient Can Read About That Month’s Topic, Perform Investigation Activities, And Document Their Findings. They Will Investigate, Brainstorm, Plan, Build, Test, And Redesign Their Own Creations.

Also, Receive Access To The Special “Beyond…in A Box” Online Learning Portal.

Cancel Five Days Before Renewal Subscription. Gift Subscriptions Cannot Be Canceled.

Some Customers Reported The Box Was Expensive For What Was Received.

My 8-year-old Grandson loves these and since he gets one every month, his parents can save them up for special occasions if they deem it appropriate.

– Happy Customer

Little Passports Science Expeditions

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Little Passports Science Expeditions
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Recommended For Ages – 9+

Each Month The Subscription Packages Contain Everything You Need To Continue Your Stem Discovery With Action-packed Experiments That Allow You To Launch Your Own Air-powered Rocket, Build A Car That’s Powered By The Sun, And Much More!

In The First Science Expeditions Package, You’ll Receive:

  • Signature Blue Tote Bag
  • Science Lab Notebook
  • Forensic Science Experiment Kit
  • Fingerprint Analysis Card
  • Ink Pad
  • A Booklet With More Fun Games And Activities

Themes Include Forensic Science, Caves & Crystals, Hydrology, Optics & Vision, Rockets, And More!

Subscription Can Be Canceled At Any Time.

I bought The Science Exploration for my then 9-year-old granddaughter for Christmas last year. The first box came in time for me to wrap to put under the tree. She and her mom have enjoyed doing the experiments each month. Her favorite so far has been finding the DNA of a strawberry!! Highly recommended the Little Passports.

– Happy Customer

Think Outside

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - Think Outside

Recommended For Ages 9-14+

Though Geared For Older Kids, Younger Ages Can Enjoy This Monthly Box With Parental Help

This Box Is Unique In That It Is Geared Toward The Outdoors.

The Purpose Of The Box Is To Provide Children With Knowledge And Skills To Improve Their Confidence And Appreciation Of The Natural World.

Monthly Themed Box, Such As Navigation, Shelter Building, Or Star Gazing

The First Box Comes With A Lightweight Packable Daypack. You Have The Choice Of Pink, Blue, Or Orange. 

Each Box Includes:

  • 3 To 5 Pieces Of Quality Outdoor Gear
  • Water-resistant Resource Cards
  • 24+ Page Educational Booklet
  • Hands-on Activities
  • Challenges To Do As A Family

You Can Cancel The Subscription At Any Time.

My boys have been out exploring about every other day. We just tell them to go wherever they end up and look around, get rocks, watch butterflies, whatever they think of. They’re having a blast with it. And it’s the only time they get along!”

– Happy Customer

MEL Chemistry

9 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids - MEL Chemistry
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Recommended For Ages 10+  

Younger Ages With Parental Help.

Over 80 Safe And Exciting Experiments In One Subscription.

The Initial Package Contains:

  • One Experiment Set
  • Free Vr Headset * 
  • Starter Kit With Tools And Instruments To Use Throughout The Entire Subscription

*To Use The Vr Headset, You Need To Download The Mel Vr App To Your Phone, Launch The App, Insert The Phone Into The Vr Headset.

Sometimes An Experiment Will Call For Common Household Items That Don’t Come In The Shipment – ie Scissors.

Topic Changes Each Month

Each Box Contains:

  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Instructions

After Initial Package – Receive 1 Box That Contains 2-3 New Experiments Every Month 

Each Box Contains Enough Supplies To Repeat Experiments At Least Twice

Free Live Lessons With A Professional Science Teacher

  • The Teacher Will Explain The Experiments And The Science Behind Them
  • Children Are Able To Ask Questions

Subscription Can Be Cancelled At Anytime

My son is 12 and was quite excited to receive this in the mail. I have it come addressed to him and he loves getting the mail to see if it’s arrived. We’ve only received the first kit, but enjoyed the two experiments it came with. The kit provided everything he needed for the experiment and an extra pair of gloves and glasses. Which is nice if his brother ever wants to join in on the fun. During this social distancing time, it’s nice to give him something to look forward to. Highly recommend.”

– Happy Customer

Is A Subscription Box in Your Future?

With the variety of subscription boxes available, there seems to be something for every type of interest. Monthly subscription boxes for kids and grandkids seem like an answer to the problem I have year after year of what now to buy the grandkids.

In reading 8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids – Buying Guide, I hope that you found the best subscription boxes that are perfect for the children in your life. With all products, features can change, so be sure the features that attracted you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

Do you have any experiences with a kids’ subscription boxes? Any subscription boxes that you love? If you do or have any comments or questions, please post in the comment section below.

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