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Challenger Mobility Scooter Pet Carrier Review

You have your mobility scooter and have regained some freedom to go out and about – it feels incredible. But what about your other family members – wouldn’t they love to go out with you? Oh no, it’s not your human family members I’m referring to; I’m talking about your beloved pet(s). Maybe a small dog, a cat, or who knows, even a bird. Well, good news for both you and them – Challenger Mobility makes a mobility scooter pet carrier. In this post, Challenger Mobility Pet Carrier Trailer – Review, we explore the features and pros and cons of this unique carrier, so you’ll be able to decide if this pet carrier is what you and your pet are looking for.

Challenger Mobility Pet Carrier - Review


When considering a way to bring your small pets along for outdoor adventures, the Challenger Pet Carrier Trailer offers both durability and a secure environment.

The trailer’s core is built with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, designed to withstand the rigors of travel and provide your small dog or other pets the ultimate luxury during transport. This firm construction connects seamlessly to the back of your scooter using a universal accessory holder, making installation stress-free.

With a design centered around the comfort and safety of your favorite furry friend, this portable pet carrier features a zippered enclosure crafted from weather-resistant and breathable nylon offering maximum ventilation with mesh fabric on all sides.


When considering a pet carrier for your mobility scooter, comfort for your small pets and convenience for you are key. The Challenger Mobility pet trailer ticks these boxes with its cozy interior and user-friendly design. Imagine giving your small dog or favorite furry friend the ultimate luxury of joining you on rides. A 3/8” padded cushion is included for ultimate comfort.

Equipped with large 16” pneumatic tires, the pet trailer offers a smooth ride for your companion. This is especially important for those navigating diverse terrains, as the wheels absorb much of the shock, ensuring a stable experience. The rear of the trailer remains stable, avoiding discomfort or jarring movements.

Safety Features

Ensuring the well-being of your cuddly best friend while on the go is vital. The Challenger Pet Carrier Trailer utilizes a sturdy powder-coated steel frame that supports smooth and safe transport.

For those trips with your small dog or other small pets, the weather-resistant nylon material of the pet trailer features maximum durability, safeguarding against adverse weather conditions. The zippered enclosure of this portable pet carrier offers both security and ease of use, ensuring your pet remains safely inside while allowing for quick access when needed.

The Challenge Pet Carrier also comes equipped with reflectors for added safety and protection.

Ventilation and Visibility

Breathability and a clear line of sight are vital when considering a portable pet carrier for your favorite furry friend’s travels. The Challenger Mobility pet trailer ensures your small dog doesn’t have to wear a sad puppy face due to lack of air or views. Designed with a zippered enclosure made of weather-resistant and breathable nylon, it promotes maximum ventilation while allowing your cuddly best friend to gaze out at their surroundings.

Mesh fabric panels help provide a stimulating environment for your pet. Your small pets will experience the ultimate luxury in terms of comfort and fresh air with this pet trailer’s smart solution for visibility.

Assembly and Compatibility

A bonus is that assembly is straightforward, with NO tools needed! The carrier attaches to the universal 1″x1″ accessory holder on the rear of the scooter. Its easy installation system quickly attaches to the universal accessory holder located at the back of your scooter, fitting most top mobility scooters. 

Pros and Cons


  • Smooth Ride for Your Pet: The pet trailer features large 16” pneumatic tires, ensuring a gentle ride for your small dog or favorite furry friend. The smooth glide behind your mobility scooter means a happy Fido on every trip.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: With screens on all sides, your pet will enjoy maximum ventilation and comfort. The breathable nylon and mesh fabric provide an environment that keeps your cuddly best friend content throughout your travels.
  • Weather-Resistant Build: Constructed from weather-resistant nylon, the Challenger Mobility pet carrier trailer is designed to handle various weather conditions, keeping your pet dry and secure.
  • No-Hassle Installation: Thanks to the easy assembly and installation process, which requires no tools, you’ll find the setup a breeze. It attaches seamlessly to the universal accessory holder at the rear of the trailer, making it a smart solution for attaching to the back of your scooter.
  • Compatible and Convenient: Designed for use with mobility scooters featuring a 1”x1” accessory hitch, this portable pet carrier ensures your mobility is never compromised. It’s a suitable addition to mobility carriers, and its compatibility with most popular devices like top mobility scooters adds to its appeal.
  • Versatile Design: The pet trailer’s structure boasts a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, enhancing durability and supporting your small pets up to 20 lbs. Known for their solid construction, Challenger Mobility’s products prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort.


  • Limited Size: Some may find the interior space limiting for larger pets, as the carrier is tailored for animals up to 20 pounds. While the size maintains a portable nature, it may not be suitable for pet owners with larger breeds.
  • Possibility of Missing Parts: Although rare, there have been instances of missing parts upon delivery. This can be an inconvenience, requiring you to reach out to customer service to solve such issues.
  • Hitch Quality: A few users have noted concerns about the quality of the hitch component, suggesting that it may require future replacement for sustained use.

Customer Reviews

Gathering insights from existing customers, it’s clear the Challenger Mobility pet carrier trailer provides both pros and cons for pet owners. Users find the pneumatic tires and the breathable nylon of the pet trailer features ensure a smooth and gentle ride for their small pets, with maximum ventilation offering comfort even on longer journeys. The ease of installing this mobility scooter pet carrier on the back of your scooter, thanks to its universal accessory holder, comes highly praised. There’s a shared sentiment about the zippered enclosure providing security, while still allowing furry friends to enjoy the view.

However, some have mentioned that the dimensions could be more generous to better accommodate a small dog or a couple of cuddly best friends. Additionally, while the overall structure—including its coated steel frame—is described as sturdy, there have been a few remarks about the hitch’s quality feeling less durable, admittedly a concern often quickly remedied by the customer’s own initiative.

In summary, if your favorite furry friend is of smaller size and you seek a portable pet carrier that can tag along with you on your mobility scooter, this product checks many boxes for convenience and quality. Yet, for those anticipating a product that allows their pet the ultimate luxury of space, it’s advisable to consider the carrier’s dimensions before purchasing.

Challenger Mobility Scooter Pet Carrier Review

Recap of Features

Mobility Scooter Pet Carrier Review
  • Durable Weather-resistant Nylon Carrier
  • Easy Assembly
  • Padded Cushion For Added Comfort
  • Powder-coated Steel Frame
  • Reflectors For Safety
  • Screen For Ventilation And View
  • 16″ Pneumatic Tires
    • *Note-the Tires Do Not Come Inflated And Need To Be Inflated To 50 Psi. Remember Not To Over Inflate.
  • Holds Pets Up To 20 Lbs
  • Maximum Height Recommendation: 20 Inches
  • Weight Of Item – 22 Pounds
  • Inside Dimensions: 26″x15″x20″ (LxWxH)

With a mobility scooter pet carrier, you will no longer feel guilty about leaving your loved pet at home. No more seeing that sad face as you leave them alone. Think of the excitement they will have when they get to experience the outside world with their much-beloved human.


With the potential for a smooth ride, the Challenger pet carrier trailer offers portability and a dash of luxury for your favorite furry friend. Its easy installation lets you attach it to the back of your scooter or power wheelchair without a fuss. The zippered enclosure ensures safety while the breathable nylon provides maximum ventilation, ensuring a gentle ride and ultimate comfort for your small dog or other small pets.

The pneumatic tires are designed for stability, and the sturdy, powder-coated steel frame suggests longevity, allowing for many joyful outings with your cuddly best friend. While it could benefit from side flaps for additional shading, the transparent mesh fabric allows for a good view during journeys.

Combining ease of use with solid construction, the Challenger Mobility pet trailer elevates your mobility scooter from a simple means of travel to a smart solution for including your cuddly best friend in every journey. Your adventure companion will enjoy maximum comfort snuggled securely behind you, leaving no room for a sad puppy face at home.

I hope you enjoyed reading Challenger Mobility Pet Carrier – Review. If you have any experience with mobility scooter pet carriers, please feel free to comment below.

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      Thank you for your question. This is the only mobility scooter pet carrier I’ve found and one of the biggest drawbacks, in my opinion, is it’s only compatible with small dogs. Hopefully, sometime in the future other sizes will become available. Thank you for visiting.

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