Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021)

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021)  discusses some accessories, their features, and pros and cons that can add value and comfort to your Club Car.

The truth about Club Car accessories is that not everyone wants to accessorize their golf carts. But when you have a Club Car, you’ve made a purchase worth accessorizing. Not only worth accessorizing but accessorizing with the quality known to the Club Car brand.

Why You Should Get Club Car Accessories

When you have a Club Car, you have a top-of-the-line golf cart. You don’t want to accessorize it with any generic brand. In keeping with the Club Car experience, you’ll want to have authentic parts and accessories.

What to Look for In Club Car Accessories

Does It Fit Your Club Car?

If you buy off-brand accessories, they may not fit like a Club Car part, or accessory explicitly made for Club Cars. The fit will be better being that it’s made with the Club Car in mind.


First and foremost, you want any accessory to provide quality, and with that quality, you want safety. Are the edges of the floor mats flat to avoid tripping? Are the mirrors the right size? Are the seats secure?


Is the product you’re considering easy to assemble? Is it something you’ll be able to assemble yourself or one that you will need some help on?


Who is paying for the shipping? Who pays for shipping if the item needs to be returned?

Return Policy

What is the return policy? What happens if you get your part/accessory and it isn’t the color you wanted, or you don’t like the look. Are returns allowed? How long do you have to return the product? Who pays for return shipping? What is their return policy, and what are the stipulations. You should find out before you purchase so you won’t be disappointed to find out later that they are non-returnable.


Is the product you’re buying under warranty? What happens if there is some type of defect? Warranties have stipulations and limits. Be sure to read the warranty and understand it completely. If there is something you don’t understand, contact the company to have it explained to you. 

Customer Service

What type of customer service does the company provide. Is it 24/7 or only available on weekdays? Is it via chat, phone, or email? Have others found their customer service to be responsive? You don’t want to end up with a problem and have customer service non-responsive or their hours inconvenient to you?

Floor Mats

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Floor Mats

You’ll find that floor mats and liners are a valuable accessory to add to your cart.

Floor coverings for your golf cart help prevent dirt and grime from ruining the cart’s floor. Floor mats and liners also protect against discoloration and deterioration, helping to extend the life of the flooring.

There are full coverage liners that cover from the dash to the seats and partial coverage that cover the foot area of the cart.

Floor mats and liners are easy to install and well worth the investment.

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Lift Kits

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Lift Kit

Lift kits give you club car higher clearance allowing you to use it over more types of terrain. They also add stability by having a wider stance, and you can add larger tires to the cart.

Lift kits come in different sizes allowing you to raise the height of the cart 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, or 8″.

There are different types of lift kits. A few of the most popular are:

  • Drop Spindle Lift Kits
    • Used to Replace and Increase the Golf Cart Spindle Size and Length
    • Gives a Wider Stance
    • Increases the Stability
  • A-Arm Lift Kits
    • Replaces Much of the Front Suspension
    • Helps Cart Ride Smoother
  • Long Travel Lift Kits
    • Capable of Separating the Front and Rear Suspension
    • Used More For Off Road, Rough Terrain

Rear Seats

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Rear Seat

A rear seat replaces the bagwells (where you carry golf club bags) on the back of your cart with a rear-facing seat. Adding a rear seat to an existing front seat only cart allows for more passengers.

In addition to those rear seats being stationary, there are also fold-down models that allow you to still use the back area for transporting cargo when not transporting passengers.

Seat Covers

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Seat Covers

To protect the investment you have made in purchasing your club car, you’ll want to protect the seats. One of the best ways to do that is with seat covers.

In addition to keeping your club car looking nice, seat covers will also protect your seats from cracking, sun damage, stains, dirt, and spills.

In addition, they are a less expensive way of covering existing seats that may have torn or have other existing damage.

You might also want to add a different color or design to your existing cart, and a way to do that is with car seats.

Seat covers are relatively easy to install and come primarily with two installation methods.

  • Straps
  • Staples

Steering Wheels

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Steering Wheels

Steering wheels among other purposes have the basic function of steering your club car in the right direction.

Steering wheels are available in a variety of colors, material, designs, and styles allowing you to achieve a more custom look.

Club Car Covers

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Cover

Club Car covers help protect the cart from weather elements such as snow, sun, wind, rain, hail, and UV damage.

A cover can also help protect the club car from getting accidental scratches.
If you store your cart outside without a cover, the cart can also become subjected to moisture, tree sap, and animals.

When looking for a cover, you want to keep in mind the type of fabric it is made from. A waterproof cover is ideal.

You also want to keep in mind how easy it is to take off and put on. If it is too difficult, you may forego putting it on and missing out on a cover’s benefit.

Dash Storage Basket

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Dash Storage Basket

Having a dashboard storage basket gives you a convenient place to put small items. This is perfect for such items as sunglasses, phones, towels, drinks, and golf balls.

Dashboard baskets are not universal in size or style Because of this be sure before you purchase one to be sure it is compatible with your particular club car.

Underglow LED Light Kit

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Underglow LED Light Kits
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Underglow LED lights transform your Club Car into a fun look at night. Another idea is to change the color to correspond with holidays and festivities.

There are multiple colors available. Certain kits allow for modes such as flashing, strobe, color fade, sos flashing and even keeping time with music.  


Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Mirrors

Like with an automobile, I think of safety when I think of mirrors on a club car. You want to see who is behind and to the side of you.

Mirrors are mandatory if you will be driving on streets where it is legal to do so.

If your current mirrors have cracks or obstruct your view in some other way, now is the time to purchase new ones.

A few things to keep in mind while considering your purchase:

  • Adjustable – So Multiple Users Can Adjust To Their Field Of Vision.
  • Compatibility With Your Model Club Car.
  • Foldable – Can Prevent Damage While Not In Use.
  • Size – Be Sure Your Club Car Has the Needed Room For the Mirror You Are Considering.

Rear Seat Arm Rests

Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021) - Rear Seat Arm Rests

Rear arm rests nowadays come with a cup holder. This is a perfect way to give your passengers a place to have their drinks.

Being that rear seat arm rests come in various colors, there is sure to be one that meets your design needs.

Many rear seat arm rests are easy to install with no drilling, which is an added plus.

Final Thoughts

With all products, features can change, so be sure the features that attracted you to the product are still the same before purchasing.

In reading Club Car Accessories (Buying Guide 2021), I hope you came away with what you should look for in your purchase and a clearer vision of suitable accessories for your club car.

If you have any stories or experiences with Club Car accessories, I would love to hear about them. Please comment below.

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