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Adjustable Beds - Definitive Buying Guide

Have you become interested in purchasing an adjustable bed? One of the crucial aspects when looking into purchasing an adjustable bed is knowing the options available. Adjustable Beds – The Definitive Buying Guide explores some of these options so you’ll be a more informed consumer in purchasing your bed.  

Why You Might Want To Consider an Adjustable Bed

Wouldn’t it be so nice to have the head of your bed elevated for reading your favorite magazine and newest book without fighting with your pillow for the right position? Or how about those times when you’ve had an injury or surgery and needed to elevate your legs. These and other reasons are perfect for considering an adjustable bed.

As you begin to look at adjustable beds, you will quickly find that you can buy the adjustable bed base by itself or buy it as a bundle. With a bundle, you will be purchasing the bed base as well as the mattress.  

An important thing to remember, especially when looking at prices, is some manufacturers are selling the bed frame alone. This isn’t a bad thing; just remember the price may seem great, but you will need to purchase the mattress as well.

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The plus side of buying the bed as a bundle is getting everything you need in one shot. However, if the bundle doesn’t come with the mattress type you want, buying the base and purchasing the mattress somewhere else makes sense.

Adjustable Bed Features

Split or Not Split?

Something to consider is if you want the mattress split or not. If you sleep in bed with another person having a split mattress will allow each of you to control the bed’s adjustment to their liking. For example, one person wants to elevate the head of the mattress to read before going to sleep, and the other doesn’t; one person had surgery and needs the leg portion of the bed elevated, but the other person prefers to sleep with their legs in the typical sleeping position – scenarios like this and others make a split mattress a viable option.

If you sleep alone, then the split mattress may have no purpose. For those individuals, an unsplit, much like a regular mattress, might be the better option.


Adjustable Bed Definitive Buying Guide - Position

The number of positions the bed has is a question you’ll want to ask. Do you want one that raises only the head of the bed, perhaps the feet, or even interested in zero gravity position?

Some adjustable beds come with preset positions; others have a feature that allows saving a position in memory on a remote. This feature is excellent if you’ve found that perfect position and don’t want to find the adjustment each time. Just return to that favorite position with just a touch of a button on the remote.

Another feature to look into is what is the degree of adjustment. Do the degrees of adjustment allow for you to adjust the bed to your liking. Will it have enough degrees in the positions to sit comfortably, maybe to eat a meal if you are recovering from surgery and having your meals in bed? What position do you find most comfortable for watching TV? Do the available leg positions give you the lift you need to elevate them above your heart if needed?

An Explanation of Zero Gravity Position

The zero gravity position allows the users’ legs and feet to be elevated above the heart. Resting in a zero gravity position reduces tension and fatigue and alleviates strain on your lower back and legs. It has also been known to help with snoring and circulation.

Some people find that having their head elevated helps with sleep apnea, acid reflux and snoring.

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Wall Clearance

How far away from the wall or headboard will the bed need to be?  This is especially important in smaller rooms where you may not have the available space to bring the bed out further from the wall. There is one solution, and that is wall hugging technology.  With a wall hugger, you can have the bed closer to the wall than one that is not.  

With whichever way you go, wall hugger or not, be sure to take measurements so you know exactly what size bed will fit in your room and what will not.  The wall hugger will be a viable option if you don’t have a lot of space.

Emergency Power Down

Ugh, can you imagine? On a stormy night, you’re warm, nice, and comfy in your adjustable bed. You’ve been setting up reading your book, you become drowsy and decide it’s time to lower the bed to a flatter position, and wallah, the power goes out. Do you have to spend the night sleeping, setting up, or even having to go to the couch to sleep? Not if you have an emergency power-down feature on your bed. A power-down feature will slowly lower the bed’s base using a battery backup if electricity is lost.

Other Features

App and Voice Control

Do you want to be able to control your bed with an app on your smartphone? Maybe you prefer Alexa or echo. Don’t forget to check this option if you like the ease of this feature. 

Leg Height

Leg Height is essential. The height of the bed can become a safety issue if too high. Don’t forget the mattress will add height as well. You want to be able to sit on the bed and your feet firmly on the floor while getting up.

There are adjustable beds that come with changeable leg heights to give the perfect height you need. Most of them come in 3, 6, 9, or 12” heights. 


Many adjustable beds come with under-bed lighting. This is convenient in giving enough light to find your slippers beside the bed, maybe lighting the area well enough without turning on an overhead light so you can safely make it to the restroom or the kitchen for a snack.  


Adjustable Beds – The Definitive Buying Guide - Remote

Would you love to go to bed and indulge in a massage? Maybe you have been under a lot of stress, or a massage would relieve tension in your body. Perhaps you suffer from lower back pain after working in the garden, and a massage sounds amazing. Having a massage feature may make it easier to drift off to sleep. Then again, you may be a person that isn’t interested in the massage feature, so it wouldn’t want to be something to spend extra money on.  


Most adjustable beds come with a remote. The difference between remotes are their functions.

Is it a wireless remote control? Or does the remote control need to be attached. Does it have preset positions, memory function, different degrees of adjustment, lighting, etc.?

Please take a look a the remote to be sure it has all the features you want. Some will even connect to your tv.

Mattress Types

If you are buying a bundle set where you get the mattress and the base, you will want to know what type of mattress you will be getting. Because not only is the position of the mattress important, but the type is as well. You want to get a mattress that fits your individual needs.

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Weight Capacity

Depending on who will be using the bed, you’ll want to ensure the bed’s weight capacity is enough to support the people or person using it. Two people will need a bed that supports more weight than a single sleeper. A heavier person might need to purchase a bed with greater weight capacity than a lighter weight or petite person doesn’t need.

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And Don’t Forget


Is the bed you are looking at have any special assembly instructions? Is it simple enough that you can assemble it yourself, or will you need to hire someone?  

Some bed companies have a white-gloved delivery where they will come in and set up the bed, and some even will haul your old one away. Every company is different, so be sure to find out what is available.

Risk-Free Trial

Some companies allow for a risk-free trial period. This is an excellent feature if you’re unsure what type of mattress will be best and want to try it out for a set period of time. If you are not happy with the bed with a risk-free trial, it can be returned for a full refund. However, if the bed you’re looking to purchase does, be sure to know precisely what is involved.  

Customer Service

What type of customer service does the company provide? Is it 24/7 or only available on weekdays? Is it via chat, phone, or email? Have others found their customer service to be responsive? You don’t want to end up with a problem and have customer service non-responsive or their hours inconvenient to you?

Shipping Costs

Adjustable beds can be heavy and thus expensive to ship. Who is going to pay for the shipping? Is it something added after the sticker price, so to speak? Or does the company pay for shipping? Will the shipper bring the bed inside, or do they leave it on your doorstep?


Are returns allowed? Who pays for shipping? How long do you have to return the bed? Are there stipulations you need to know about if you do want to return the bed? Who is responsible for contacting the shipping company? How easy or hard is it to return the bed. Maybe they don’t accept returns at all. It’s always better to find out beforehand than to be surprised or upset to find out after your purchase.


There are a lot of excellent warranties available on an adjustable bed. Some limit their warranty to 5 years, others 25 years, and still others offer a lifetime warranty. However, the warranty may only apply to certain parts of the bed.

A lot of times, you’ll find the warranty provides a prorated stipulation. An example of this would be for the first two years, everything is warrantied, and you will receive a replacement. Then maybe in year five, they prorate the amount to be refunded or applied to a new bed, for example, 85%. Then year ten, a different prorated amount might apply. 

Warranties have stipulations and limits. Be sure to read the warranty and understand it completely. If there is something you don’t understand, contact the company to have it explained to you. 

In Conclusion

Adjustable beds can be just want you’re wanting or need. After reading Adjustable Beds – The Definitive Buying Guide, I hope you are better able to understand what there is to consider before purchasing your bed.

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have an adjustable bed or some tips, please share them below.

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