5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs

So, you’ve decided to look further into purchasing a power lift recliner chair. Maybe you’re beyond looking and have decided to take the plunge. 5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs is a review where I explore the pros and cons, compare and review 5 of the best power lift recliner chairs available to help you in making your purchasing decision.

If you’re not quite sure what features are available, what to look for in a power lift recliner or what size you need, take a look at a previous post, Power Lift Recliner Chairs Buying Guide where I explore various options and features of power lift recliner chairs.

If you want just a quick glance, here are the links in a table to the power lift recliners discussed in more detail below. A more in-depth, easy to read comparison table is also included at the bottom of this post. 

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs – At A Glance

NameMax ReclineCurrent Price
Bonzy Power Lift Recliner ChairBonzy145°Current Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-09-05-at-3.42.01-PM.pngRelaxixi 140°Current Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-09-05-at-3.50.34-PM.pngMcombo
140°Current Price
EsrightEsright170°Current Price
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-09-05-at-4.07.46-PM.pngIrene House180°Current Price

Bonzy Home Recliner


  • Variety of Colors and Styles
  • Material – High-grade Velvet Fabric or Faux Leather Depending on Color
  • Construction – Metal Frame
  • Easy to Assemble
  • 2 Positions
  • 1 Motor
  • Back and leg rest moves together
  • Overstuffed Padded
  • One Pocket
  • Remote
  • Weight Limit 300 lbs.
  • Customer Service & Technical Support
  • Asin: B07XL6N3X5
Bonzy Power Lift Recliner Chair


  • Seat Dimensions: 21”(W) x 20.5”(D) x 19”(H)
  • Product Dimensions: 29.5”(W) x 37.5”(D) x 41”(H)
  • Max Recline: 145 degrees


  • 30-day Replacement
  • 12-month Factory Warranty


  • Easy to Clean
  • Assembly is Easy
  • Quiet Motor


  • Heavy to Take Out of the Box
  • No Battery Back-up

The Bonzy Power Lift Recliner Chair is at the lower end of the price range but don’t let this fool you. You get a lot for your money.

This particular style comes with velvet type fabric and is Cream. This recliner is available in a variety of colors and fabric so if this doesn’t suit your tastes take a look at the other colors and fabrics available. Do be aware if you chose something different that the features may be different. Be sure to take a look at the features before purchasing so you won’t be disappointed.

There is one pocket located on the side where you can keep the remote or other small objects you want to keep nearby.

Bonzy Power Lift Recliner Chair

This is a one motor unit, meaning the leg rest and the back move in one motion. You are not able to move one without the other. Also, keep in mind when in the most setting up position there is still a small recline so you won’t be setting up completely straight. Another thing to keep in mind is this recliner does not recline all the way back.

A great selling point to me is the easy assembly. The estimated time is 10 minutes and there were no reviews stating it was difficult at all. There was one complaint that said the recliner was heavy taking it out of the box so you might need some help with that.

This recliner does not come with a back-up battery so if that is a concern for you contract the manufacturer to see if you add one to it will it void your warranty in any way.

There is a 30-day replacement policy and a 1-year factory warranty.

Overall, you get a lot of bang for your buck. This is a great recliner with great reviews.

One customer wrote: “In the past we have spent thousands on a power lift chair. This was such a great price. It was easy to put together and the design is sleek. It has a small profile but is still big enough to be comfortable. The remote is attached and slides in a side pocket. We are so happy with this purchase!”


5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs Buyng Guide - Relaxixi


  • Color – Brown Also Available in Black
  • Material – Faux Leather Surface
  • Construction – Alloy Steel
  • 1 Motor
  • Button Control for Recline and Lift
  • Remote for Heat and Massage
  • Easy to Assemble – No Extra Tools Required
  • Dual Side Pockets
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • USB Charge Port
  • Vibration – 2 levels
  • Massage – 8 Points and 5 Intensities
  • Lumbar Heating
  • Weight Capacity: 320lbs
  • ASIN: B07ZZ6ZF1F
5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs Buyng Guide - Relaxixi Features


  • Overall Dimension: 35.4″(W) x 35.6″(D) x 43.3″(H)
  • Seat Area: 17.7″-22.8″ (W) x 20.9″ (D)
  • Seat to floor: 18.9″
  • Seat to top of backrest: 27.6″
  • Back Width: 31.5”
  • Reclining Angle: 140°

Return Policy

  • Returns & Exchange – Within 30 day


  • 1-year warranty, the needed replacement can be sent freely within 1 year


  • Massage and Heat
  • USB connection
  • Easy Assembly


  • No Battery Back-Up
  • Customer Pays Shipping for Returns
  • Massage Mode Loud

The Relaxixi is a nice chair that comes with some bells and whistles. Not only does it recline and lift it also has a massage and heat mode. The message mode has 4 areas of massage (shin, thigh, lumbar, head) and 5 modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, normal) and 2 levels of vibration. There were some complaints that the noise while using the massage mode was loud but if that doesn’t bother you this can be a great additional feature.

Other features this power lift comes with are two side pockets (one on each side) two cup holders and a USB charge port. All of these added features make the recliner even more convenient and not having to get up and down quite as often.

Power Lift Recliner Chairs - Relaxixi Angles

The remote is for the heat and message only. The actual recline and lift are controlled by buttons on the chair.

Available in black and brown the faux leather material makes for easy cleaning.

The 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty is an attractive perk. Assembly is easy which is always a plus.

One satisfied customer wrote: “It’s always scary to buy furniture sight unseen except for a picture and reviews. So it is a total joy to report that this purchase was spot on! The chair is very comfy, the material is sturdy, the color is perfect and the price is definitely right. The tilt is quite helpful for someone who has trouble getting out of a chair and standing up. It is safe, moves gently and has many relaxing positions…”

Mcombo Oversized

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs - Mcombo Oversized Power Lift Recliner Chair


  • Comes In a Variety of Colors
  • Size Large Also Has Medium Available
  • 1 Motor
  • Easy Assembly
  • Vibration and Lumbar Heat with Timer
  • Added Height and Depth for Taller People
  • Two USB Ports
  • Two Cup Holders
  • Two Pockets
  • Overstuffed Armrests
  • Two Remotes
    • One for Heat and Message
    • One for Chair Recline and Lift
  • Metal Frame
  • Max reclining angle: 140°
  • Recommended height: 5’7″-6’2″. 5
  • Weight Limit 320 lbs
  • ASIN: B08399D7XN


  • Overall Dimension: 36.3″(W)x43.5″(L)x43.7″(H)
  • Seat Area: 18.7″ (W) x 22.8″ (D)
  • Seat to floor: 20″
  • Seat to top of backrest:31″
  • Minimum distance to wall:16.5″
5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs -  - Mcombo - Features

Return Policy

30-day return/replace policy


  • Lift/Reclining Mechanism: 1 Year
  • Frame: 1 Year
  • Electronic Parts: 1 Year


  • Extra Perks
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Oversized for Taller People


  • No Battery Back-Up
  • Does not Recline to Flat
  • The footrest is Only 19.3″

The Mcombo recliner comes with a lot of perks – heat and vibration; dual pockets; dual USB ports; dual cup holders and overstuffed armrests.

This is an oversize recliner but be aware the extra size is in the height of the back and the depth of the seat. Having this extra depth in the seat makes the footrest smaller making for some complaints as to not really being oversized as their feet will hangover.

The recliner comes with a lot of perks – heat and vibration; dual pockets; dual USB ports; dual cup holders and overstuffed armrests.

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs - Mcombo - Angles

The Mcombo has one motor which is common in recliners that don’t recline flat. Having one motor the leg rest and the back of the chair recline at the same time.

There are two sizes available – medium and large for a more individual fit.

Overall, not a bad recliner just remember it doesn’t fully recline and if you are tall you might have some issues with the footrest being too small.

One customer wrote: “My husband and I moved my 82 yr old uncle and aunt in with us to care for them but one of the things I noticed they were having trouble with was getting up and down from the couch due to weak and aging bad knees. So we looked into these type of chairs and found these on Amazon so we purchased 2. IT WAS THE BEST THING WE DID FOR THEM! They get outta of these nifty lift chairs with complete ease! These work great for elderly seniors who have trouble getting up and down.




  • Variety of Colors
  • Faux Leather or Microfiber Depending on Color
  • Massage
  • Lumbar Heating
  • Pocket(s)
  • Non-Toxic Wood
  • Wood and Metal Frame
  • Dual Motors
  • Two Remotes
  • Reclines to 170 degrees
  • Easy Assembly – No Tools Required
  • Two Wheels
  • Weight Limit – 320 lbs.
  • Return Policy Not Stated
  • Warranty Not Stated
  • 1-year tech support
  • Asin: B08DXHVP2L


  • Reclining Dimensions:71.25″(L) x 33″ (W)
  • Seat Dimensions: 22.75″(W) x 22″(D)
  • Seat Height:18.5″
  • Back Dimensions: 27.5″(H)
Esright Power Lift Recliner


  • Dual Motors
  • Non-Toxic Material
  • Overstuffed Backrest and Seat Cushion


  • 40 inches From Wall
  • No Cup Holders
  • No USB Port

There is so much I love about this chair. The first being that the wood boards are formaldehyde-free. Why had toxins to your environment if you don’t need to.

It has dual motors that allow you to adjust the backrest and footrest independently. If you want to sit up and have the footrest extended you can. This isn’t possible with the one motor recliners.  

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs -  - Esright - Angles

The recline goes to 170% which not quite flat but enough so that you can lay down comfortably.

The message has two levels of vibration intensity and covers 4 areas – shin, thigh, lumbar, and head. It also has 5 modes being pulse, wave, auto, and normal.

Another perk is that it does have 2 wheels if you are going to be moving it around. The manufacturer does want you to fasten the wheels when not being moved.

Now for as much as I like this chair, it does have a couple of drawbacks. It does not come equipped with cup holders or any USB ports so if these are important features for you this might not be the recliner for you.

A good choice for those that prefer a greater recline, the added ability for the footrest and back to operate independently because of the dual motors.

One satisfied customer wrote: There have two box containers when it have arrived, and very easy assembly and only need half of hour to finish , no tools required. Putting the chair back up from the recline position is also easy ( and mostly quiet ) It is super comfy ,sturdy and looks good , the color is true to the photo.

Irene House

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs - Irene House


  • Variety of Colors
  • Material – Leather and Suede Depending on Color
  • Dual Motors
  • Infinite Positions
  • 180° Recline
  • Remote
  • Lumbar Pillow
  • Rear-Wheels
  • Two Pockets
  • Formaldehyde-Free Wood Boards
  • Metal Frame
  • Weight Limit – 300 lbs.
  • Return Policy Not Stated
  • Warranty – See Below
  • Asin: B07DZJBVHK
5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs -  - Irene House - Features


  • Seat Height 19 inches
  • Product Dimensions:31”(W) x 36”(D) x 42”(H)
  • Seat Dimensions:22”(W) x 21”(D) x 19”(H)
  • Back Dimensions:27”(W) x 11.8”(T) x 27.5”(H)


  • Electronic Components(motor/transformer/hand controller) – 1 year
  • Cover (fabric, PU/PVC, combined fabric, leather etc) – 2 years
  • Reclining Mechanism – 3 years
  • Solid Wood Frame – 3 years


  • Dual Motors
  • Lumbar Pillow
  • Formaldehyde-Free Wood Boards


  • Leg Rest Doesn’t Lift Completely Up
  • No Cup Holder
  • No USB port

Irene House power lift recliner comes with the choice of leather or fabric material. They also have a variety of colors to choose from.

This recliner has dual motors allowing for the backrest and footrest to operate independently of each other.

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs - - Irene House - Angle

It does come with rear wheels making it easy to move from room to room if needed.

The downside is there are no cup holders or USB ports. An issue reported is that the leg rest doesn’t lift completely up while in a sitting position.

Irene House does come with a warranty for the electronic components; motor, transformer and hand controller) of 1 year. The covering; fabric, combined fabric, leather, PU/PVC has a warranty of 2 years. The reclining mechanism has a warranty of 3 years as does the wood frame.

In the words of one satisfied customer: “I ordered this chair for my 83-year-old dad and he loves it! I read a ton of reviews because I was hesitant about ordering a motorized chair sight-unseen. Don’t hesitate! It’s a great chair. Highly recommend!

5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs - Comparison Table
FeaturesBonzyRelaxixiMcombo OversizeEsrightIrene House
Max Recline Angle145°140°140°170°180°
ColorVarietyBlack and BrownVarietyVarietyVariety
MaterialFaux Leather, Velvet, Fabric
Depending on Color
Faux LeatherFaux Leather or Fabric
Depending on Color
Faux Leather or Suede
Depending on Color
Leather or Suede
Depending on Color
ConstructionMetal FrameAlloy SteelMetal FrameMetal FrameMetal Frame
Remotes1 RemoteButton for Recline and Lift
Remote for Heat and Massage
2 Remotes2 Remotes1 Remote
Heat and Massage/VibrationNoYesYesYesNo
USB PortNoYes - 1Yes - 2NoNo
WheelsNoNoNoYes - RearYes - Rear
Weight Limit300 lbs320 lbs320 lbs320 lbs300 lbs
Returns30 Days Replacement30-day Return/Replacement Policy30-day Return/Replacement PolicyNot StatedNot Stated
Warranty12-month Factory Warranty1-year Warranty, The Needed Replacement
Can Be Sent Freely Within 1-year
Lift/Reclining Mechanism: 1 Year
Frame: 1 Year
Electronic Parts: 1 Year
Warranty Not StatedElectronic Components - 1 year
Cover - 2 years
Reclining Mechanism - 3 years
Solid Wood Frame - 3 years






And to End…

One of the things I would strongly suggest is measuring yourself and your room space to be sure you get the right fit. If you don’t know what you need to measure you can find it at, Power Lift Reclining Chairs Buying Guide. As I was looking over the recliners it seems like some of the disappointment could have been alleviated with measuring.

By reading 5 Best Power Lift Recliner Chairs, I hope you were able to get a clearer idea of what features these five different recliners have and their pros and cons.

Have you had any experience with using or buying a power lift recliner chair? If so I would love to hear about it – please comment below.

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